Congratulations come angler Greg Myerson top top his official IGFA recognized civilization record striped base of 81 pounds, 14 ounces!

From the IGFA:

Greg Myerson’s 37.1 kg (81 lb 14 oz) striped bass document was approved yesterday morning after ~ the IGFA’s document Committee pertained to a consensus on the catch and its sustaining documentation. Myerson’s record created a whirlwind of excitement in at an early stage August for striper anglers everywhere, however especially in the northeastern USA.

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“After a 15 minute struggle on mine St. Croix rod and also Quantum reel, I gained the striped bass close sufficient to the boat for netting,” Myerson shared in the testimony accompanying his civilization record application. “The fish to be bigger than I thought. I slipped ~ above eel slime and banged my ribs versus the gunwhale that the boat. But it didn’t matter. The monster fish to be mine. In ~ this point it was about 8 pm, I placed the fish right into the hold and also fished the remainder of the tide. As I fished, I repetitively peered right into the hold and also asked myself ‘is this striper really the big?’ The complying with morning, I lugged the striped bass to Jack’s coast Bait and Tackle to be weighed. The fish measure 54 inches in length and also tipped Jack’s digital scale at 81.88 pounds. It yes, really was the big.”

The IGFA’s approval that Meyerson’s record marks the finish of Albert McReynolds’ 29-year reign as All-Tackle record holder because that this reputation saltwater species. In enhancement to now holding the All-Tackle record, Meyerson’s catch additionally landed him the new men’s 37 kg (80 lb) line class record, which formerly stood at 70 lb. Congratulations come Greg Myerson top top this historical record capture – and an excellent luck to you striper anglers aiming to ideal it in the future!

Check out these picture of Greg’s tremendous catch, which was weighed-in for the 2011 Striper Cup, and also then read an account that the hectic morning after ~ Greg recorded the brand-new world document striped bass.

Greg Myerson struggles to organize up the world-record stripe bass.

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Greg Myerson hoists the mount of his 81.88 lb striped bass that earned the Striper of the Year and Boat division Angler that the Year titles.
David Ittner that Yamaha (left) and John Kushnerick the Quantum (right) existing the mount of the 81.88-pound stripe Bass, make by Northeast Taxidermy, to Greg Myerson. The world record striper was recorded on a Quantum Reel that Myerson won at the vault year's StriperFest!