If you have a need for speed — and also height and length — Falcon"s flight at 6 Flags Qiddiya is the answer.

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Faster, higher, longer! A new roller coaster being constructed outside the Saudi Arabian funding of Riyadh will collection world documents in every one of those areas when it opens at six Flags Qiddiya in 2023.

The Falcon's trip coaster will certainly travel about two and a half miles at speed of as much as 155 miles every hour. Among the upright cliff dives will certainly fall about 525 feet right into a sink by utilizing magnetic engine acceleration, the company said in a release previously this year. Each three-minute journey will bring up come 20 passengers, that will likewise experience three electromagnetic propulsion beginning systems. The ride will be the world's tallest freestanding coaster "featuring a parabolic airtime hill permitting a weightlessness airtime experience," the release explained. For those that aren't distracted through the thrills, Falcon's trip will additionally offer panoramic views of the park.

"I will never ever forget the moment when ns was standing at the leaf of the 200-meter-high cliff on the Tuwaiq mountain in Qiddiya, looking right into the valley and imagining the creation of a future record-setting roller coaster," Daniel Schoppen that Intamin Amusement Rides, which is working on the coaster's design, stated in a statement. "I knew that exactly at this spot, the Falcon's trip will dive down along the cliff, finishing in a unique, exciting 250 km/h (155 mph) proximity trip close to the ground. The worldwide unique setting and heights such together the natural cliff will allow us to architecture an architecture masterpiece in steel."



Falcon's trip will it is in the star attraction of the new Six Flags design template park, which will certainly cover 79 acres with 28 themed rides and attractions in its 6 lands, consisting of the City the Thrills (where Falcon's flight will be located), exploration Springs, vapor Town, Twilight Gardens, sink of Fortune, and also Grand Exposition, the park claimed in a release.

Six Flag Qiddiya, i beg your pardon started building and construction in 2018 according to CNN, is part of the an initial phase the the 90,440-acre Quiddiya, collection to come to be a hub the the nation's entertainment, sports, and arts.

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Intamin will be beating its own records with its newest coaster, together it at this time holds records for faster coaster, through Formula Rossa, i m sorry travels as much as 149 miles every hour at Ferrari people Abu Dhabi, and also tallest stole coaster, through Kingda Ka at brand-new Jersey's six Flags an excellent Adventure, CNN reported. The present record for longest coaster is steel Dragon 2000 in ~ Japan's Nagashima Spa Land, which travels over one and also a fifty percent miles and is design by D. H. Morgan Manufacturing.