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Top 20 biggest Police departments in the joined States

Overview the the Police Department

The police room in the united state was formed in 1838 when the exclusive businessmen demanded a device from the routine in which the public department will offer protection to their goods. Slowly the system developed, and also by the finish of the 1800s, there to be public policy in practically all the main cities the The States. Meanwhile, the exclusive security system also emerged. This development gave rise to diversity in the policing department of The unified States. Many policing organ patrol around a single city with overlapping responsibilities.

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Today, over there are nearly 18,000 police departments in The united States, and also their main aim is to provide protection to the citizens. These agencies obtrude the law, investigate suspicious activities, keep law and order, arrest the doubt accused the committing a crime and also prosecute those whereby the bar of proof has been reached. The police room is a part of a bigger criminal justice device that is composed of prosecutors, courts, juvenile justice systems, and also correctional agencies such together prisons and also probation and also parole departments.

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How countless police departments room there in The joined States?

There room 18,000 police department in the joined States right now with 697,195 full-time law enforcement officers up till 2019.

The structure of the police room is not traditional in regards to structure, size, or governance. They vary based on the kind of police department, local, state, sheriff’s office, unique jurisdiction, and also others. Every department has its structure ranging from a single-officer police room to an ext than 30,000 officers.


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All agencies



Local police



Sheriff’s office



Special Jurisdiction






State and local Police department in the unified States

In this blog, we will discuss about the biggest police departments in the US.

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20 largest Police department In The US

New York City Police room – NYPD

When talking about the police, we cannot miss out on NYPD. It is one of the largest and also oldest police department in The US. With over 36,000 police officers and 19,000 civilian employees, NYPD has proved chin to the US’s largest police force. The firm was established ago in 1845 i m sorry is currently protecting the city the comprises 8.5 million people.

 The new York City Police Department’s mission is to update the citizens’ top quality of life by including them and also working through them in the kind of a neighborhood to force the law, keep peace, protect the people, minimize fear, and maintain order.

The NYPD structure consists of different bureaus, every headed by a chief or deputy commissioner who makes sure the bureaus space performing their attributes fully.

Chicago Police department – CPD

Chicago Police room CPD is the earliest police room in Chicago, Illinois, US, formed in 1837 has now over 13,135 officers. That is the second-largest municipal police room in the states, with 12,000 officers and over 1,925 various other employees.

The department is led by the superintended of police together with the aid of the first Deputy Superintendent. That handles four bureaus that are individually headed by the office chiefs.

The greatest police department is separated into 25 district units, and also the leaders supervise this districts. The Chicago police structure is well-formed, making sure that every the citizens’ pertains to are being heard.

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Los Angeles Police room – LAPD


Los Angeles Police Department is just one of California’s biggest police departments, with approximately 9,000 sworn officers and also 3,000 civilian employees. The city has a populace of 4 million human being that method for every 433 residents, there is just one officer, which is comparatively reduced than the various other departments. The department is committed to serving the ar while protecting your rights. The LAPD vision is to watch the city complimentary of crimes and also fear as their motto says, “To Protect and to Serve.”

The LAPD serves 21 community locations based end 468 square miles. The structure of the department is vast and organized. The BOARD that POLICE COMMISSIONERS is in charge, ensuring the the department’s core worths are service to our Communities, Reverence because that the Law, Commitment come Leadership, truth in All us Say and also Do, Respect because that People and Quality Through constant Improvement space being followed.


Los Angeles ar Sheriff’s department – LASD

Los Angeles ar Sheriff’s department is united States’ largest sheriff’s department through 18,000 employees and covers 23 Patrol station in different parts that California, providing patrol services for 153 unincorporated communities. The room covers 4,084 square miles v a population of 10.04 million people. LASD supplies services come 42 contract cities, 141 unincorporated communities, 216 facilities, hospitals, and also clinics situated throughout the County.

The department also provides training process to other little law enforcement agencies. The ensures that the employees follow the principle values: integrity, accountability, service, and also ethics.

The department’s emphasis is not just to provide jobs but likewise to build characters and also treat them with care and also respect. 

Philadelphia Police department – PPD

Philadelphia Police room is the fourth-biggest police department in the US, through 6,300 sworn members and also 800 civilian personnel. Philadelphia is a tiny law enforcement agency based in Philadelphia County, extending 140 square miles through a population of 1.57 million.

The room is divided into 21 districts in a uniform structure headed through the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners. Like all the regulation enforcement agencies, their vision is to fight versus crimes, enforce laws and carry out safety, offer quality organization to the citizen and create a positive atmosphere for the employees.

Cook ar Sheriff’s Office – CCSP

Cook county Sheriff’s office was established in 1931, and also it is the 2nd biggest sheriff department in the US with 6,700 members that serve chef County, Illinois. Currently, the office is operation by Sheriff cutting board J. Dart, and the chief of employee is responsible because that the police department of the cook County Sheriff’s Office.

The police room of the sheriff’s office has more than 500 officers and also 100 civilian personnel. These officers must provide essential police services to the 109,000 residents. besides that, they provide services and also security to the county and court facilities and carry out the cook County Jail.

The police department framework is emerged harmoniously; four different departments look deeply right into the cases to get quicker results and administer protection come the residents.

Houston Police department – HPD

Houston police department is just one of the peak police department in the us that offer Houston, Texas. United states is the fourth largest city in the US. HPD is headed by the cook of police, who is appointed by the mayor of Houston. The department has 5,400 sworn regulation enforcement officers and also 892 civilian support personnel that serve the an ar of 671 square miles v 2.31 million residents.

The department’s mission is to enhance the top quality of life for Houston citizens by working hand in hand through the public, encouraging community programs, and also providing a safe environment.

New York State Police – NYSP

Formed in 1917, brand-new York State police are the main state police of new York who mission is to serve, protect, and defend the human being while keeping all rights. The police department of brand-new York has over 5,000 sworn state officers and also 711 civilian members. The State department is not only eliminating crimes however also administer safety in an important situations.

The department’s four much more essential goals are; highway safety, experienced police service to people, preventing terrorism, and preparing because that emergencies. To fulfill this mission, the department gives all the law enforcement services across the state, such as patrols, assisting citizens, conducting investigations, providing emergency services.

Besides this, the department is likewise responsible for web traffic control, comment 911 calls and also helping the public, and also controlling narcotics and also terrorism.

Pennsylvania State Police – PSP

Pennsylvania state police were produced in 1905, it was the first uniformed police in the US, and today it is just one of the top-ranked police departments with 4,719 sworn members and also 1,850 civilians. The state police are led through a Commissioner who renders sure the the room is performing every its obligations. The State police’s vision is come keep neighborhoods safe and gain their trust by practicing brand-new strategies, building a link with the communities, and facilitating all the members with equality.

The police department pays close attention to its main point purpose; seek justice, preserve peace, and also improve the public’s quality of life. The officers are committed to the worths of the department the are; honour, service, integrity, respect, duty, and also trust. The Pennsylvania state police room responsible for law enforcement duties and maintain and also control the traffic and ensure the security of the residents.

The city Police department of the ar of Columbia – MPDC

The city Police department of the district of Columbia MPDC, likewise known as Metropolitan Police room MPD and also the DC Police, founded in 1861, is now among the most considerable local police department in the US. End 4,000 sworn and civilian members are serving the city, which is divided into seven various districts. The complete area on i m sorry the department s offer is 68.3 square miles against the population of 0.69 million.

The chief of police leader the MPD under him. Various bureaus are working in assorted districts to maintain peace and also harmony in the state. The room provides added services come the citizens together as; emergency service, K9, patrol, air support, explosive diffusion, homeland security, criminal intelligence, narcotics, and also firearms recovery hence following their mission come safeguard the state of Colombia.

Dallas Police room – DPD

The Dallas Police room was developed in 1881, is just one of the finest US police departments. The room is command by the chief of police, i beg your pardon ensures the the police department’s mission is to alleviate crimes and also break moral barriers and protect the appropriate of all. There room a total of eight patrol stations in Dallas to carry out high-quality solutions to the people.

Dallas’s total populace is 1.33 million top top 383 square miles, versus which there space 3,640 sworn officers and also 556 civilian members who job-related day and night to make Dallas a peaceful and also safe location for the locals. The department provides various services to its world like; giving preventive, investigative, and enforcement services, working hand in hand with the communities to manage the crimes, putting effort and gaining the people’s trust. The department not just serves the people but additionally treat every individual through dignity and also respect.

Phoenix Police department – PPD

Phoenix police department was also formed in 1881 to defend the resident of Phoenix, Arizona. The department is top by the cook of police, who has actually the authority to do decisions. The department has actually 2,900 policemans and more than 1,000 assistance personnel who serve 1.63 million people and patrol approximately the an ar of almost 516 square miles.

The PPD is separated into 6 divisions; Community & Support solutions Division, investigate Division, Patrol Operations south Division, Patrol Operations phibìc Division, strategic & Tactical services Division, and also Reserve Division. Each division is top by the assistant chief, that is answerable to the police department’s chief.

The divisions are made to work an ext effectively and also protect every the citizen of Phoenix.

Miami Dade Police department – MDPD

Miami-Dade, the police department likewise known together Dade ar Sheriff’s Office developed in 1836 to carry out essential police services in the unincorporated area of Miami-Dade County, Miami Lakes, Palmetto Bay, and also Cutler Bay. The department works with with the ar to promote a safe setting in the region while fulfilling its main point values. The department’s vision is to make methods in a means that fulfils the public’s concerns.

There are about 3000 officers and 1,700 civilian members working in the department renders it among the biggest law enforcement agencies in the US.

The department is separated into eight districts that provide different services like; patrol services on the airport, seaport, marine, motorcycle, bomb disposal, and SWAT.

Baltimore Police department – BPD

Baltimore Police Department offers law enforcement solutions in Baltimore, Maryland. It is among the ideal 20 police departments in the US. The commissioner under him leader the department.

There are nine districts:

Central DistrictSoutheastern DistrictEastern DistrictNortheastern DistrictNorthern DistrictNorthwestern DistrictWestern DistrictSouthwestern DistrictSouthern District

There are virtually 3,100 sworn and civilian personnel that serve the populace of 614,000 people and also patrol about the area of approximately 90 square miles to offer the Baltimore Police Department’s mission. The mission is come enforce the law in a fair, impartial, and ethical manner there is no harming the unified States’ constitution.

Boston Police Department

Boston Police department was developed in 1854 is one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the US. The police commissioner directs the department. Under his supervision, there room eight different bureaus, make the functioning of the department smooth and also quick. The DPD is separated into 3 zones that Deputy Superintendent controls and 11 various other districts. Each section is headed by a captain responsible for preserving law and order in his/her area.

There space 2,015 officers and 808 civilian personnel in the department who also carry out patrol services in 89.6 square mile area to the populace of 617,594. The department works hard with the mission to serve and also protect the neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.

Milwaukee Police room – MPD 

Milwaukee Police Department is one of the top police department in the us that offer the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The department was established in 1855 and headed by the police commissioner and also is further split into 7 districts come maintain and enforce law and order.

There are a complete of 2,305 employees, the end of i m sorry there room 1,800 sworn officers who safeguard 594,548 world of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The department is constantly working hard to do the vision, making Milwaukee a safe ar to live whereby there is no inequality amongst the citizens, come true.

Detroit Police room – DPD

Detroit Police department is a municipal police room responsible for protecting the world of Detroit, Michigan. The room was developed in 1865 and also has become one that the largest police department in the USA, with 2,200 police officers who are constantly patrolling about 139 square miles protecting the 674,841 citizens.

The Detroit police department and also its members are committed to offering a safe environment to Detroit’s citizens. Lock make certain that the involves of citizens are heard, and their troubles are solved. To do the city a far better place, DPD has actually assigned one NPO routine through i m sorry all areas of the city will be protected, and also it will carry the police departments and the publicly close come one another.

San Francisco Police department – SFPD

San Francisco, the police department was formed in 1849. Don’t get puzzled with the san Francisco Sheriff’s room is different from san Francisco Police Department. The department is led by the police chief, who is responsible because that making every the far-reaching decisions.

There is a division in the room to do the workflow smooth; the chief works through two assistant chiefs and five deputy chiefs who further lead six bureaus. SFPD offer a populace of 1.2 million people, protecting lock day and also night. To protect the people, they carry out different services and respond to pertains to with compassion.

Atlanta Police room – APD

Atlanta Police room is among the top legislation enforcement organ in the us that serves the city that Atlanta, Georgia. The police room was developed in 1873, and also the department has readjusted its strategies overtime to aid the world of Atlanta. It very depends ~ above the community’s input to remove the crime by including the youth in various programs and also breaking the gap between police and the public.

The City of Atlanta is split into 6 patrol zones, and 1770 police police officers guard the 136 square miles an ar and giving protection come 506,811 people. every the members that the APD monitor the core worths that room professionalism, integrity,

commitment and courage to offer the mission of reduce crimes and ensuring the safety of the people of Atlanta.

Austin Police room – APD 

Austin Police department is the highest-ranking regulation enforcement agency in the united state that serves the an ar of Austin, Texas. The room is top by the cook of police, who provides sure the the department’s target is gift achieved. There is approximately 2,646 personnel, consisting of 1,900 policemans who watch after the 950,807 citizens and also patrol around 296 square miles.

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The department provides various services to the citizens and controls the crimes and other offences happening about the region. With the neighborhood program’s help, the room makes an initiative to leg the gap between the public and also police departments. In this way, the issues and crimes get eliminated, and also the atmosphere becomes much safer for the residents.


These were some of the top-ranked police department in The United says of America which world prefer to join and have the highest number of police officers.