People everywhere the world love pizza, not just in America and Italy. Girlfriend can uncover a pizza restaurant wherever you go. Over there were end 75,000 pizza locations in the united state alone in 2017. Worldwide, the revenue from offering pizza topped 134 exchange rate USD in 2017. As competitive together the business is, restaurants look because that any means to gain our attention. One means to carry out that is come make substantial pizzas that draw attention indigenous the media.

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Giant pizza-making occasions have not just benefitted individual restaurants. City governments and food manufacturing companies have actually participated in making huge pizzas. The companies and organizations connected often donate proceeds or pizza to charitable organizations. Anyone benefits, however pizza lovers benefit the most.

The Pizza an equipment Pizza

Size: 1,600 Chef: in house Where: Tennessee, USA When: 2016

Source: Christy R

With a name favor The Pizza Machine, you might expect part robot to provide a pizza, or at the very least, to acquire your pizza from a vending machine. The Pizza machine in this situation was actually a gigantic crane that delivers a 40” pizza to your table. The restaurant might be a an ext interesting story 보다 the yes, really pizza, which compared to several of the pies top top this list, is tiny. The restaurant closed number of years ago. Now, the owners offer pizza “food truck” format from one old college bus. Yes, the 40” signature pizza is still available, and also so is the crane.

Did you Know?

The owner don’t collection prices for their pizza. Castle ask customers to pay what they think the pizza to it is in worth.

Big Lou’s at sight 42

Size: 42” Chef: big Lou Where: Texas, USA When: 2009

Source: Facebook/Big Lou’s

One the the most famous restaurants in san Antonio, TX, big Lou’s super 42 focuses on weight as much as it does square inches. The restaurant emphasizes toppings in its size calculations, enabling customers to pile on pounds of everything they like. The pizza can finish up weighing as lot as 30 pounds, i m sorry is as lot as a couple of the larger sized pizzas in this list. If the 42” pizza is too much for you, you deserve to step down to Lou’s 37” version.

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Big Lou’s at sight 42 is popular also on television, having actually been featured twice on the travel Channel and once ~ above Food Network.

The gigantic Sicilian

Size: 2,916 in2 Chef: Restaurant team Where: California, USA When: 2010

Source: Pinterest/Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria

For eight years, big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria in Los Angeles held the document for the biggest commercially available and deliverable pizza in the world. The giant Sicilian is a 54” square, thick crust pizza that feeds approximately 70 people. The restaurant sponsors a pizza eating contest involving their flagship pizza. If eight civilization can finish the pizza within two hours, the pizza is totally free and the team wins a cash prize. As of 2018, no one has actually been may be to victory the prize.

Did friend Know?

The pizza is therefore large, the restaurant had actually to construct a special container because that their shipment vehicle. The container is attached come the roof of the car.

The Bus

Size: 3072 in2 Chef: Amber and also Paul Rouse Where: Texas, USA When: 2018

Source: Guinness human being Records

It’s said that the human being in Texas prefer things big. That goes for pizza, too, that seems, together the biggest commercially accessible pizza is sold in Burleson, a city exterior of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, in ~ the Moontower Pizza Bar. The takes around 10 pounds of cheese and 10 pounds of dough come make one of these pizzas, and also the restaurant’s own homemade sauce. That takes two-day’s notice to order one of these large square pizzas.

Did friend Know?

The Moontower facility specializes in giant pizzas. They additionally deliver a 30” pizza i beg your pardon is twice the dimension of the biggest pizza one have the right to order at most restaurants.

The Colossus

Size: 4,900 in2 Chef: in house Where: Sydney, Australia When: 2012


Sports fans have the right to work increase an appetite. The Il Colosseo restaurant in the Allphones Arena had actually something the would meet the hungriest of customers. The Colossus was a 58-pound pizza that remained in 2012 the commercially available pizza in the world. The restaurant had a custom-made stove for their 600 AUD pizza, and also used 28 pounds that flour and also 10 pounds that cheese together base ingredients. The restaurant additionally had a pizza eating difficulty where the team who might finish the pizza would win four free tickets come all occasions at the arena because that one year.

Did girlfriend Know?

The gigantic pizza wasn’t sufficient to attract customers and the restaurant closed.

Napoli Pizza

Size: 6,082 feet in length Chef: 250 neighborhood chefs Where: Naples When: 2016


Napoli pizza is a well-loved style of pizza everywhere the world. The Napoli Pizza association hasn’t shed sight of the fact, functioning to save the Napoletani pizza in the public eye. One of their large events is the Napoli Pizza Festival. It is where, in 2016, local organizations joined pressures to construct what to be at the time, the world’s longest pizza.

Some ingredients offered included:

2,000 kg of flour2,000 kg of fiordilatte cheese1,600 kg of tomatoes

The organizations associated donated the pizza to miscellaneous charitable institutions in Italy, though anyone that attended the festival was able to grab a part to take home.

Did you Know?

The chefs used several mobile wood-burning ovens to cook the mile-long pizza.

Fontana Pizza

Size: 6,333 feet in length Chef: dozens Where: California, USA When: 2018

Source: joanne
Canyon News

When the owner of, Fash Asvadi, observed that the Napoli team had created the world’s longest pizza, he wanted to acquire together a team of some of the ideal pizza equipments in California come beat the record. Asvadi recruited donors to supply the ingredients, then picked a local motor speedway together the meet to start the bake, which started at 7 AM for prep and also finished food preparation by 4 PM. The baking employed some an imaginative cooking measures, choose employing a mobile oven and dozens of volunteer to feed the dough with it as it rounded the curve ~ above the racetrack.

Did girlfriend Know?

After the pizza was finished, the spectators that watched the occasion received a free slice. However, many of the pizza was ceded to homeless shelters in the area.

Lorenzo Ristorante Pizza

Size: 10,000 ft² Chef: Lorenzo Amato Where: Florida, USA When: 1987

Source: State Archives of Florida/Thomas

Lorenzo Amato appeared dead collection on setting a human being record for producing the biggest pizza ever. Twice he succeeded, and also twice someone else bettered him. Still, his 1987 effort is known as among the pizzas ever built. Native his restaurant in Tallahassee, FL, he developed what to be at the time the world’s oven to build the record-setting pizza. It to be a 73 foot in diameter griddle boil by hundreds of propane tanks. Amato sold slices of the pizza for a $1, which that donated to the American Red Cross.

Did you Know?

It cost Amato $250,000 to do the pizza, fifty percent for the oven, fifty percent for the pizza ingredients. Roma foodstuffs sponsored his try, giving him $500,000 to carry out the job.

Norwood Hypermarket Pizza

Size: 122 ft diameter Chef: Norwood cook team Where: south Africa When: 1990

Source: Guinness Book/Eater

Like various other pizzas top top this list, the pizza developed by a team at the Norwood choose n’ salary Hypermarket in Johannesburg was a marketing ploy. However, it to be marketing in business of a good cause, as the proceeds from the sales that the countless slices indigenous this pizza went to charitable establishments in southern Africa. Most of the proceeds went to St. Mark’s College, a high institution in a black color township in southern Africa. The municipal government of Johannesburg remained in on the act. The mayor reduced the first slice. No word if he actually ate one.

Amount of some ingredients included:

9,920 pounds that flower

2,000 pounds of chopped tomatoes

1,800 pounds that mushrooms

Did you Know?

While in second place all-time for the biggest pizza, the Norwood effort is still today the heaviest pizza ever, weighing about 27,000 pounds.


Size: 13,580.28 ft² Chef: Dovilio Nardi Where: Italy When: 2012

Source: human being Record Academy

The Ottavia is the Guinness book world record holder because that the pizza ever created. This gluten-free monstrosity was created by Nardi in Rome along with two various other lead chefs and also a team of dozens of assistants in the margherita style. The pizza is 131 feet in diameter. That course, no range exists huge enough to roasted the pie in one go, so they had actually to roasted the dough in end 5,000 separate batches.

Ingredients included:

19,800 pounds that mozzarella cheese1,500 pounds of margarine550 pounds of rock salt

The chef claimed that he created the pizza to demonstrate the financial and cultural recovery that Italy.

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Did friend Know?

The idea because that making a pizza this dimension came from Ulrich Ladurner that the Dr. Shar team to show that gluten free food can be fun and tasty.

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