Photo: Minnesota DNR. Brecken Kobylecky, 15, from Geneva, Ill. Through his record-setting northern pike catch. Kobylecky snagged a 46 1/4 inch pike top top June 19 on Basswood Lake.

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The Minnesota DNR has certified a new catch-and-release north pike record and also muskie tie. Both fish were caught this summer.

Fifteen-year-old Brecken Kobylecky, native Geneva, Ill., is the new northern pike record holder, according to the DNR. He captured a 46 ¼-inch fish top top June 19 at Basswood Lake when fishing v a fishing guide at the end of their day.

They take it photos that the monster fish and also measured it before putting it earlier in the lake.

"We hooked onto a huge pike that was proper hooked, and also could hardly land it due to the sheer size and weight the the fish," Kobylecky said. "The totality experience went by in a flash but it to be an experience of a lifetime I'll never ever forget."

The DNR claims the previous record for a catch-and-release northern pike was set in 2018 on merganser River with a 45 ¼-inch fish, one inch much shorter than Kobylecky's pike.

Todd Kirby, of Hudson, Wis., bound the state document for a catch-and-release muskie ~ above Lake Vermillion on July 23. His fish clocked in at 57 ¼ inches. The vault muskie capture of the same size was made in 2019 at the very same lake.

Kirby claims he reeled in the substantial muskie in ~ 10:30 p.m. On a Friday night v high humidity as a storm former was relocating in.

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You can inspect out every one of the DNR's taped state fishing records here.




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