There’s nothing favor a fact TV villain to inspire bad words from good viewers. Simply see the comments that Conda Britt -- who been liven making she eye-rolling, complaint-filled presence well-known on “The greatest Loser” this season -- has carried out from few of our on facebook pals.“OMG I desire to smack her.” “I can’t was standing Conda.” “(She’s) a complete b-----...”You get the idea.O


Kate Gosselin on "Dancing with the Stars," Marcel Vigneron of "Top Chef" and NaOnka Mixon of "Survivor: Nicaragua."
There’s nothing like a reality TV villain to inspire negative words from great viewers. Simply see the comments that Conda Britt -- who been busy making she eye-rolling, complaint-filled presence recognized on “The greatest Loser” this season -- has brought out from some of our on facebook pals.

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“OMG I desire to smack her.” “I can’t was standing Conda.” “(She’s) a total b-----...”

You obtain the idea.

Of course, Conda’s just the recent in a long line of reality TV contestants to acquire us gabbing. Long prior to she began bad-mouthing fellow players and backtalking she trainer (seriously, Conda, present Dolvett Quince part respect), many of other hot heads earned their spots on ours worst-players-ever list.

Here are a couple of of our height contenders:

NaOnka Mixon (“Survivor: Nicaragua”): If you assumed “King Troll” Russell Hantz and also Jonny Fairplay were bad, every thoughts the those two males were banished when you saw NaOnka’s atrocious actions on the show. She spouted hateful comments toward her fellow players, stole and hid food from the tribe, knocked over a woman who wore a prosthetic leg and more. Then, SHE quit THE GAME! and it didn’t end there. Also after she season aired, she refused to to apologize for her actions, informing E! Online, “I played the game exactly the method I stated I would certainly at the beginning: I would certainly lie, cheat and also steal, I would be faker 보다 faux fur, I would certainly pretend come be your friend and also stab girlfriend in the back. I lived as much as that.” all righty, then.

Kate Gosselin (“Dancing through the Stars” season 10): once it concerns bad mindsets on “DWTS,” the reality TV mommy takes the cake. (Although Bristol Palin does deserve an honorable mention.) The troubles allegedly started even before the season did. Her pro partner, Tony Dovolani, reportedly complained that “she no listen and also can’t take direction.” (Well, no wonder she relocated like a mannequin top top the dance floor.) her bossy and argumentative methods in rehearsals quickly got to the normally patient and encouraging pro, that was for this reason fed up by week two he (temporarily) stop the present during your practice. During her long, five-week insignificant on the ballroom bash, Kate also put her whininess, combativeness and weepiness on full display, and even her many ardent supporters couldn’t was standing to phone in your votes for her anymore to store her dancing.

Marcel Vigneron (“Top Chef” season 2 and All-Stars): Some might remember Marcel as the understand jerk, er, master cook who harangued his fellow contestants ~ above the 2nd season the “Top Chef,” when others could remember him as the return jer--chef who baited his competition throughout the show’s all-star season. However no matter where friend remember the from, she bound come remember his bad perspective and large ego -- and his foam. Yes, the only thing an ext annoying than Marcel’s bleep-packed outbursts (which, FYI, space far more tolerable when collection to music) to be his commitment come smother otherwise appetizing meals in that always-unappealing foam.

Gretchen Jones (“Project Runway” season 8): OK, let’s simply put next her completely flabbergasting victory (featuring granny panties ... Granny panties, Michael Kors and also Nina Garcia!) over the genuinely brilliant Mondo for the benefits of this argument. Stop stick come her -- as plenty of recappers noted -- Grinch-like personality: She was bossy, controlling, whiny, conceited, belligerent, manipulative and, as fellow contestant April declared, two-faced. (April additionally called her Hitler, however even we admit that to be going a tad as well far.) and you recognize someone’s a full jerk when even the constantly charming and also kind mentor Tim Gunn couldn’t was standing her habits anymore and also gave her a smackdown in former of everyone.

Courtney Robertson (“The Bachelor” season 16): that course, Gunn isn’t the just litmus check one deserve to use come tell a true baddie. Once Ellen DeGeneres, aka the current queen of daytime and the nicest that “American Idol’s” previous nice guys, doesn’t choose someone, well, that type of says it all. And also Ellen hasn’t been shy in expressing she dislike because that Courtney. The Courtney’s in-it-to-win-it (at any cost) perspective that has plenty of of the show’s fans (like Ellen) and also former contestants (like Jennifer Fritsch) all set to watch her go roseless and also leave the show. “Bachelor” Ben Flajnik, top top the other hand, appears perfectly content through the manipulative skinny-dipper.

Jonathan Baker and Victoria Fuller (“Amazing Race,” “Fear Factor”): These 2 aren’t just the worst pair to ever before pull as much as a pit avoid on “The remarkable Race”; they can just it is in the worst duo in reality TV history. Jonathan made his memorable “TAR” mark after that shoved Victoria -- yes, actually shoved his wife -- due to the fact that she dared to pick up his discarded backpack and also made castle several seconds late to the mat. Just how did that console his weeping wife after that? By reminding her, “This is a race! This isn’t about compassion!” Sigh.But lest anyone worry around Victoria, an episode of “Fear Factor” later revealed the the (former) couple was in reality a perfect match. After some heckling from Jonny Fairplay, the former Playboy playmate punched the ex-“Survivor.” no to be outdone, Jonathan ended up tussling with host Joe Rogan. Really.

Vicky Vilcan (“The best Loser” season 6): Conda may be the “Loser” that has actually fans in a tizzy now, however it was as soon as Vicky (with much more than a little help from her in-game BFF Heba Salama) who earned all the ire. She to be the contestant trainer Bob Harper referred to as “Shakespearean” because of her over-the-top, manipulative ways. If there was drama to be stirred, she to be ready and willing. See, Vicky was all about the game and also winning that any method she could. (Well, she was also all about eye-rolling and sneering, but Conda may soon snag optimal “Loser” honors there.) that’s why Bob also called her the biggest video game player in the history of the show. As for what "Loser" fans referred to as her, well, the much less said around that the better.

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