In the civilization of an excellent white sharks, perhaps one of the greatest was found in this lifetime.

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This an excellent white shark, recognized as Deep Blue, is the largest good white shark ever recorded on camera by scientists and also marine biologists.

Continue reading if you challenge to learn much more about this fascinating, one-of-a-kind sea creature.

Deep Blue, that comes in in ~ 20-feet long, eight feet high, and also 2.5 tons, is the largest good White shark ever photographed.

With massive fins and razor-sharp teeth, it was rather an astonishing discovery for naval biologists.

The distinct thing around this specific shark it was likely she to be pregnant as soon as she was discovered.

Female great white sharks frequently tend to remain in solitude in ~ high depths until they are about to provide birth, in ~ which suggest they will head closer come the shoreline.


While it was stated that Deep Blue had actually been seen in the 1990s, the wasn"t till 2014 that she was caught on camera turn off the coastline of Guadalupe Island in Mexico throughout a portion of Shark week by researcher Mauricio Hoyos Padilla. As soon as Padilla posted a video clip of her to facebook in 2015, it immediately went viral.

She was eventually spotted in Hawaii by a number of researchers who were, at the time, researching tiger sharks in the region. She was scavenging for food from a sperm whale carcass.

Deep Blue up Close

Deep Blue is quite distinctive in that she has notable markings and pigmentation on her body. Many thanks to her girth, numerous scientists speculate the this shark to be pregnant once she to be discovered.

While she is many often determined by her dimension as among the largest good whites to ever be discovered, she likewise has quite a distinctive pattern on her underside where the white meets the gray.

George Probst, a shark photographer who has filmed Deep Blue, claims that "That’s as unique to a white shark as our fingerprints are."

A notable and also defining function that separates her from other sharks is the laceration end the right side of her body, which can be seen in recorded footage.

How has actually Deep Blue interacted With People?


Though Deep Blue is the biggest great white well-known to man, she does not have an aggressive personality.

There is video clip footage of her approaching a diver in a non-aggressive, rather curious manner, as well as being tolerant of various other divers approximately her.

In one case, she enabled Ocean Ramsey, a revered naval biologist, to go swimming with her while holding onto her fins. The course, front to enabling him to swim v her, she had currently fed on some sperm whale carcass, which might have contributed to her docile behavior.

He to be the very first person come swim alongside the shark.

However, he to be criticized through a number of scientists and marine biologists, including David Shiffman and also Michael Domeier, who stated that his habits was unprofessional and could be pinned together borderline pet harassment. Some also say the the shark Ramsey swam v was actually Haole Girl, an additional very similarly long good white. However, the evidence behind that case is no substantial, by any kind of means.

When Deep Blue was filmed a few years prior to that v Mauricio Hoyos Padilla in Mexico, the video showed her swim calmly approximately the cages, only ever before taking a few curious bites in ~ the cage. Padillo, who was on height of the cage at the time, was never attacked.

She has also been recorded on footage swimming approximately with dolphins.

Shooting through Kimberly Jeffries

Kimberly Jeffries, a female s photographer based the end of Oahu, Hawaii, is well-known for catching some of the many haunting and also exciting photos of Ms. Blue. She spotted the 20-foot shark earlier in 2019 and also capture few of the most famed photographs of she off the Hawaii coast.

Deep Blue - An ocean Celebrity

This massive an excellent white shark is said to be approximately 50 year old. Countless researchers say the she will continue to thrive in dimension over time, though at a lot slower pace 보다 before.

As with many female good whites and great White Sharks in general, Deep Blue has actually an estimated life span of around 70 years.

Though reports case she has actually been tagged, Padilla denies these claims. As of now, scientists are no able come track she movements. However, she is often spotted in she usual spots, such as Hawaii and Guadalupe Island, during certain parts of each year.

Though she can be the biggest great white ever before filmed, she is no the largest shark specimen in history. The award goes come the Megalodon, a primitive predator over 60 feet long that toured the world"s ocean numerous years ago.

The Megalodon was part of the Otodontidae species, a types that diverged from the great white family. The Megalodon was the world"s most an effective ocean predator throughout its lifetime.

Tracking The World"s ocean Predators

While it isn"t feasible to monitor Deep Blue, you deserve to use tools like Ocearch, an interactive shark movement map, to track famous an excellent white sharks all about the world.

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This unique, maritime biologist-developed GPS an equipment transmits scientific data, consisting of location and also depth, to give scientists a better understanding of the behavior patterns of sharks.