The Seay household of Navarre knew your pup, Atlas, was special from the an initial time they collection eyes top top him.

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Purchased indigenous a breeder in Missouri, the purebred German Harlequin great Dane to be the only dog in his litter and had feet so huge he could barely walk without falling down.

As the black and white spotted pup gained older, he just kept cultivation bigger. Ultimately his person mom, Spencer Seay, had to stop taking him to lunch through her or come public places.

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"People would certainly say, "Oh mine God! your dog is for this reason big! your dog is the biggest dog I"ve ever seen in mine life!"" she claimed Friday, sitting in her Navarre living room through her trusted companion by she side. "I might not eat mine food, I"d have so many human being lining approximately take pictures with him."

Now, at 6 year old and 225 pounds, Atlas is on monitor to coming to be certified together the tallest life dog in the civilization by the Guinness book of civilization Records. Standing at 104 centimeters tall — or 3 feet and 4 inches — native his paws come his withers (the clues in in between a dog"s shoulder blades, which is the main measuring point for all Guinness world record hold dogs), Atlas has around 3 centimeters ~ above the current living world-record holder, who is 101 centimeters tall. 

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But Atlas" Guinness document is not final yet, as the review process for together a call designation is long and tedious. The Seays have been connecting with Guinness public representative for three years. 

They had to take it multiple videos the him running on level surfaces, he had actually to it is in measured through certified veterinarians and had those measurements witnessed by world other than themselves or their recognized vet. The witnesses had actually to sign sworn statements, the vets had to make duplicates of their licenses and the records have all gone before Guinness public representative in Europe and also are awaiting last approval.

"We had actually to do 20 different things, and also it"s been 3 years," Seay said. "We"re just waiting on lock to usually confirm him at this point."

Big dog, tiny human

So just how huge is Atlas? 

He"s so large that once the Seay family members was house hunting in Navarre 2 years ago while looking come move from Atlanta, they had to turn down houses since their hallways weren"t huge enough because that Atlas come fit through. 

He"s so big that his collars, bandanas and also bow ties need to be tradition made to fit his substantial neck. 

He"s so big that he can"t to the right in the car comfortably anymore, and his veterinarian has actually to come to him rather of the other method around. 

He"s so tall that he can easily knock over a grown kid with a flick of his tail — however his gentle spirit and bond with his human baby brother, 16-month-old Oliver, would certainly never enable such a thing to happen. 

"I think Atlas knew ns was pregnant before I did," Seay claimed as she rambunctious toddler ran circles about Atlas on Friday. "Atlas is so an excellent with Oliver. Oliver treats him like a jungle gym, and also sometimes he"ll just lay there because that hours and also Atlas won"t also get up. He just lays there and also lets him carry out that until he drops asleep."

The height of tiny Oliver"s head comes around to the bottom the Atlas" shoulder, and also Seay stated Oliver is "Atlas" baby." The gentle giant usually take away up write-up on the carpet floor in the life room, very closely eyeing strangers who gain too close come his baby and drooling with stress over having actually humans in the residence with who he"s unfamiliar. 

Oliver has to obtain on his tip-toes to reach up and change Atlas" bow tie ~ above his neck, climate laughs and hugs his huge leg through his small arms. Atlas stands over there patiently, his droopy eye looking around, wait for a possibility to walk sit ~ above his loveseat, whereby he sits upright favor a human. 

"He"s been a phenomenal family dog," Seay said. "He"ll organize down the floor the whole day. He"s very quirky, he"s the clumsiest dog. That can"t run onto furniture. When he runs, the doesn"t separate his legs, the runs like a gazelle."

What friend should understand about an excellent Danes

Seay, whose dad bred an excellent Danes if she was growing up, said she always knew she wanted a an excellent Dane together the an initial dog she would obtain with she husband. She did 2 years the research prior to purchasing Atlas, and also said people need to it is in acutely aware of what they"re getting into if they determined to acquisition or take on a good Dane. 

"They have a short life span, typically they only last until about 7 years old," she said, eyeing her 6-year-old aging pup. "They typically have i know good issues, joint issues and many of castle can obtain what"s referred to as "bloat," i beg your pardon is when their stomachs upper and lower reversal a certain method and cut off their airway and also you have actually 10 minutes to get them to a hospital before it"s too late."

She added good Danes space typically an extremely expensive, like many big breeds, and also can have actually a lot of clinical issues. Cancer is typical in the breed. Castle love water. And though most good Danes aren"t everywhere near as big as Atlas, many of lock do have gentle personalities and actually make great "small an are dogs." 

"Oddly enough, lock don"t require a the majority of exercise," she said. "They"re not extremely anxious, and they"re loyal. That"s the best thing, they are loyal dogs."

"He"s simply our sweet dog" 

Sweet Atlas is one old male now in ~ 6, and also his age shows. The needs assist standing up, so his human being dad, Jordan Seay, has to awkwardly aid lift his hips up once his chest and head make it off the ground. 

He"s "inverted," an interpretation most that his weight is held on his 2 front legs, rather of the opposite. When he stands, his earlier legs shake, and he walks through a slim hunchback, virtually like an elderly person person would walk. 

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And while his family members admitted he"s a little clumsy, Atlas walks through a particular grace and grandeur, moving silently native one side of the room to one more to find an additional spot come lay down. If he weren"t taller 보다 the furniture he"s passing, you might not also know he to be there. 

Record-holder or not, Atlas is a distinct dog. He brings joy to anyone he meets, whether they"re shorter or taller 보다 him. And, most importantly, the brings happiness to his family, who room cherishing every minute they have actually left with their gentle giant. 

"I mean, he"s just our sweet dog," Spencer Seay said. "I would say, if you’re in search of a loyal companion for the remainder of your life, obtain a an excellent Dane. Do your research, recognize what you getting. However they’re the best dogs in the world, and also Atlas makes our family whole."

Annie Blanks have the right to be reached at ablanks or 850-435-8632. 

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