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Most of the largest gold nuggets found in the joined States have come indigenous California. Most of the huge nuggets that were discovered during the yellow rush were melted down. These 3 yellow nuggets were saved from the smelter, and still exist today.

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The Fricot Nugget

The Fricot Nugget was discovered in 1865, and also it is among the largest pieces that crystalline yellow from California. It was found in El Dorado County, few of the richest gold mining soil on Earth. The finder was a male named wilhelm Russell that operated a mine at the Spanish dried Diggings.

The specimen was uncovered several hundreds feet listed below the surface in a mine. The nugget weighs over 200 troy ounces and is one of the finest remaining specimens documenting the California yellow Rush.

This solid item of crystalline gold was eventually purchased by Mr. Fricot that was from Grass Valley, CA.

The nugget is part of the gold nugget arsenal at the California State Mining and Mineral Museum.

In 2012, a robbery arisen here and several million that dollars in gold nuggets to be stolen native the museum, but the Fricot Nugget was no taken.

The Mojave Nugget

One the the best metal detector discoveries from the state of California would need to be the huge Mojave Nugget, i beg your pardon was unearthed by a gold prospector using a detector in the Mojave Desert in Kern County.

The richest areas here are near Randsburg, a renowned mining city in southern California. Some of the best gold mining in southerly California is approximately Randsburg.

The finder was named Ty Paulsen, and it was discovered in 1977. The is believed to it is in the largest nugget found in the Randsburg district.

Many world claim have inaccurately stated that the Mojave Nugget to be the biggest ever uncovered in California, yet there have actually been plenty of larger nuggets uncovered in the state, back very couple of of them exist today. That weighs 156 troy ounces.

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The Butte Nugget

Certainly the largest recent discovery in the United claims is the Butte Nugget, which was uncovered in 2014 by an unnamed yellow prospector making use of a steel detector. It originates from Butte County, a very rich an ar of California’s mom Lode.

The nugget is clean, smooth, and also is solid gold through no quartz inclusions. Its full weight is 75 trojan ounces! The nugget was marketed to a an enig buyer because that $400,000.

The Butte Nugget is proof the not all of the big gold nuggets have actually been found. This impressive nugget likely came indigenous a renowned gold producing area, and was just been overlooked by anyone else. Also today, over there are vast gold nuggets that room yet to it is in found!