None know far better than the cast of evil Tuna, who have actually spent year forging because that the greatest fish in return for hundreds of dollars.


Atlantic bluefin tuna deserve to be marketed for hefty sums per poundCredit: Facebook/Wicked Tuna

What is the greatest fish recorded by the angry Tuna cast?

In 2018, the angry Tuna cast sat down to discuss their biggest tuna captures to date.

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Brad Krakowski's biggest capture weighed in at 920 pounds, if Dave Marciano's fish clocked in in ~ 1,200 pounds and also 118 inches.

TJ Ott gone beyond his crew mates with a 1,250 pound, 125 inch tuna captured off the coastline of Cape Cod. Tyler McLaughlin to be close v a 1,269 catch.

It to be Paul Hebert, however, the reeled in the compensation tuna.


Wicked Tuna hit display screens in 2012Credit: Facebook/Wicked Tuna

"It was in the skiff v my dad, the fish was 1,287 pounds, and also we captured two the day by hand line," that told national Fisherman.

"The other fish was 1,174 pounds. Both fish were roughly 126 inches. Ns was 11 or 12; it was back in 1977, and also we captured them off of Provincetown.”

Two years ago, Paul also received the greatest amount of price per pound for among his catches.

He stated he secured $47.02 for a fish he caught in the July season. Although the didn't expose how hefty the capture was, he may have pocketed upwards of $47,000 should the tuna have actually weighed more than 1,000 pounds.


The cast of wicked TunaCredit: Getty images - Getty

"I had brought in among the only tuna the on the industry at the time. To this day, i still have actually the text from the buyer conserved on my phone."

In addition to your fishing income, the cast make a hefty salary from appearing on the Nat Geo show.

How heavy can tuna get?

Tuna weight can depend top top the type of types the tuna is.

Mackerel tuna reaches approximately 17 pounds, while a large eye tuna could clock in in ~ 250 pounds. Other tuna varieties include albacore and skipjack.

It's the coveted bluefin tuna the rack up the genuine weight. Although lock are typically 500-550 pounds, they have the right to exceed 1,000 pounds.

"Canned tuna typically comes from albacore. They're small, prosper fast, and also are plentiful for fishing. And also they absolutely don't weigh 489 pounds," said Derek Wilcox, chef at Shoji in new York told service Insider.


The most heavy Atlantic bluefin tuna on document clocked in at practically 1,500 poundsCredit: Facebook/Wicked Tuna

"There's just one form of tuna in the world that grows the big, bluefin tuna. And if friend wanna shot some, it's gonna expense you."

At the very first bluefin tuna auction the 2019, a 600 lb fish in Japan marketed for a record-breaking $3million.

The heaviest bluefin captured on document weighed 1,496 pounds follow to Mass only Guides. That was caught off Nova Scotia, Canada ~ above October 26th, 1979.

"Bluefin is the many sought after. Just bluefin has the intense marbling. Bluefin also, as soon as it's aged properly, has a details balance that flavors," Wilcox said.

What is the wicked Tuna spin-off series?

After season 2 of evil Tuna, National geographical released a spin-off collection off in the outerbanks of north Carolina. 

The present was originally called Wicked Tuna: north vs. South however was renamed Wicked Tuna: Outer financial institutions in its 2nd season.

The spin-off is on its seventh season, with the recent episode airing in October 2020.

The series is available to present on Disney+.


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When walk Wicked Tuna premiere?

Season 10 of evil Tuna premiers on march 5 at 9pm EST on national Geographic.

The display airs every Sunday top top the network.

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Following the season debut episode, National geographical put together a compilation that clips of Duffy and also Tyler fishing together to respect his memory.

'NOT act WELL'

Big's mam 'very uncomfortable & they may spend Christmas apart' after rape claims