The "Pysanka" -- the Ukrainian word for Easter Egg -- also spins choose a weather vane. 25 ft. Long, make of aluminum, and also created in 1975 making use of a computer-aided design by university prof Ronald Resch.

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4500 Pysanka Ave, Vegreville, AB, CanadaDirections:Trans Canada Yellowhead Highway, north next of Hwy 16Alt, simply west of 49 Ave, in Elk"s Park.RA Rates:Worth a Detour

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World"s largest Easter Egg - The Pysanka

Super-sized egg. Worth the 2 minute ride off the highway to see it. Couple of train car in the park for the children to run roughly on if they"re acquiring bored.


World"s largest Easter Egg - The Pysanka

If you drive into Vegreville friend can"t miss out on this! The egg is huge. It"s really pretty, it rotates, and also the detail is over-the-top. It strikes me as sort of funny that some world put this much effort into an Easter Egg, yet someone did, and it"s something come see. The park is well-maintained and is a nice place to take a break.


World"s largest Easter Egg

A recent expedition through Canada reflects that ours zany neighbors to the north placed us to shame as soon as it comes to large roadside wonders. The Vegreville Easter Egg (Pysanka) is not just the public symbol, it supplies a hitherto unknown however unbelievably beneficial tiling scheme, as detailed in Paul Hoffman"s book, "Archimedes" Revenge: The Joys and Perils that Mathematics," in a chapter titled "Confessions of an Egg Man."

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