From wall surface Street to the underworld, if yes sir one thing we’ve learned it’s that crime pays and also pays big. Drug trafficking is more than likely the most profitable illegal money maker, i m sorry the wealthiest drug dealers of every time deserve to attest to. Kingpins deserve to make billions when their medicine hit the street, however the authorities execute their best to protect against that from happening. The best drug busts in U.S. Background seized billions that dollars precious of narcotics.

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This isn’t a substantial list the the biggest drug busts, but it gives you an idea of how much money is in ~ stake. The biggest raids taken place in the 20th century, however check the end No. 5 top top the list to read about the U.S. Coast Guard’s huge bust in 2007.

17. $300,000, north Scituate, R.I.

Having this much marijuana will acquire you right into trouble. | young name Bernetti/Getty Images

Year: 2014

Rhode Island has some of the loosest marijuana legislations in the country, however you avoid trouble only when you have a tiny bit. Authorities seized 46 pounds the pot and also $300,000 in cash in 2014 throughout a huge bust in the smallest state in America.

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16. $800,000, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


The DEA facilitated one the Edmonton’s best drug busts. | Jacek Sopotnicki/iStock/Getty Images

Year: 2014

We understand what you’re thinking — Canada isn’t the joined States, so exactly how come it reflects up on our countdown? Well, the medicine Enforcement agency aided the Edmonton police force as the made its largest cash seizure to that point.

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15. $870,000, mountain Diego


U.S. Border Patrol agents in mountain Diego seized almost $1 million in drugs. | freder J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Year: 2018

Drug smuggling to know no age, and this respectable 2018 bust is proof. Border agents in mountain Diego arrested an 81-year old woman after they discovered 34 heroin packages weighing 92 pounds. They estimated the drugs to be precious at the very least $870,000 top top the street.

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14. $1 million, mountain Luis, Ariz.


Smugglers usage tunnels under the border to move drugs native Mexico come the U.S. | man Moore/Getty Images

Year: 2018

You can call this one the mole-man drug bust, in a sense. Police discovered an ext than 300 pounds of drugs precious $1 million throughout a traffic protect against in southwestern Arizona. Then, authorities found how the suspect acquired all those drugs — via a 600-foot tunnel that crossed the border to Mexico.

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13. $2 million, Gwinnett County, Ga.


A Georgia traffic stop led to a $2 million medicine bust. | john Moore/Getty Images

Year: 2018

Another 2018 haul is among the greatest drug busts in U.S. History. The Georgia State Patrol pulled end a auto that consisted of drugs. That led authorities to a house in Lawrenceville, Georgia, where they seized $2 million worth of heroin and methamphetamines, a make reservation of cash, and an AK-47.

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12. $3 million, Baldwin County, Ala.


Alabama authorities nabbed a father-son drug-smuggling duo. |

Year: 2018

Drug smuggling no a an extremely wholesome father and son activity, however here us are. One of the best drug busts Alabama’s ever before seen featured a father and his 15-year old boy towing 115 pounds of decision meth precious $3 million v Baldwin County.

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11. $6 million, Atlanta


Authorities in Atlanta seized $6 million in heroin in 2012. | john Moore/Getty Images

Year: 2012

One that the biggest drug busts ever in Atlanta taken place in 2012, and also it remains one of the largest in U.S. History. Commonwealth agents recorded two guys with 86 pounds of heroin, which to be worth around $6 million at the time. If you variable in the 2 pounds that methamphetamines, cash, and guns, the DEA bust was probably closer to $7 million.

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10. $8 million, new York City


Patience helped brand-new York authorities do an $8 million drug bust, | Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

Year: 2014

In the civilization of medicine enforcement, it pays to be patient. A DEA surveillance operation tracked 2 men, which led authorities to a Bronx apartment with $8 million precious of heroin and also other medicine paraphernalia inside. It is a huge bust in a big city, however it’s much from being one of the greatest drug busts in U.S. History.

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9. $18 million, Antioch, Calif.


Authorities in California nabbed $18 million in meth in 2014. | wilhelm West/AFP/Getty Images

Year: 2014

One California raid in 2014 remains one of the greatest drug busts the U.S. Has ever before seen. Authorities seized nearly 500 pounds the methamphetamines worth approximately $18 million. Police arrested 22 people and confiscated much more than $700,000 in cash in addition to the drugs.

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8. $20 million, Kearney, Neb.


A Nebraska medicine bust prevented countless lethal fentanyl doses from hitting the street. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Year: 2018

Nebraska can not be among the claims with the many opioid abuse, yet apparently, that a way station along the route to those places. Throughout a regimen traffic stop near Kearney, Neb., state troopers discovered 118 pounds of fentanyl, which is enough to kill 26 million world when you take into consideration two milligrams is a possibly fatal dose.

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7. $24 million, Miami Lakes, Fla.


A fake wall in a Florida home contained $24 million indigenous marijuana smuggling and growing. | iStock Photo

Year: 2016

One of the biggest drug busts Florida has ever seen was directly out of a movie. A brother-sister duo, a quiet suburb, and a false attic wall hiding $24 million in cash made trafficking marijuana. The seizure also helped police closeup of the door down service specializing in selling marijuana horticulture supplies.

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6. $65 million, san Diego

Year: 2011

Remember when we debated a an enig drug tunnel in Arizona the authorities discovered in 2018? Well, a 2011 raid in mountain Diego source the idea. The tunnel police uncovered in California to be 600 yards long, had lights and also a functioning elevator, and also contained 32 tons of marijuana worth roughly $65 million.

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5. $350 million, Panama


The U.S. Shore Guard made one of the biggest drug busts in U.S. History. | attracted Angerer/Getty Images

Year: 2007

The U.S. Shore Guard has been connected in many of massive drug seizures in its history, however one native 2007 is among the greatest drug busts in U.S. History. In collaboration with Panama’s government, a coastline Guard delivery stopped and searched a container ship, and discovered more than 42,000 pounds the cocaine worth $350 million.

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4. $1 billion, Harlingen, Texas

Year: 1989

All the smaller busts we’ve disputed so much happened in the 21st century, and we’re guessing it’s due to the fact that the kingpins and also cartels got tired of every the mammoth seizures late in the 20th century. One happened in Harlingen in south-east Texas in 1989. Acting on a tip, authorities searched a house and also discovered almost 18,000 pounds of sheathe cocaine estimated to be precious $1 billion.

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3. $1.2 billion, Colombia


A $1.2 exchange rate bust was just a fraction of what Pablo Escobar do in a year. | Colombian nationwide Police/Wikimedia Commons

Year: 1984

Forget talking around just medicine dealers, Pablo Escobar is one of the richest criminals who ever lived. He and also his Medellin cartel cohorts do an estimated $420 million each week supplying 80% that the cocaine in the United says in the 1980s. So, when a 1984 raid in Colombia (with the assist of the DEA) seizing 13.8 metric tons of cocaine precious $1.2 exchange rate represents among the best drug busts in U.S. History, that was simply a great month for Escobar’s clan.

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2. $3 billion, Hayward, Calif.

Year: 1991

A month of surveillance and also a coordinated law enforcement effort created one the the best drug busts we’ve ever before seen. A warehouse raid in Hayward in the eastern bay seized 1,200 pounds the heroin worth roughly $3 billion.

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1. $6.9 billion, Sylmar, Calif.

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Authorities close to Los Angeles seized nearly $7 billion worth of cocaine in 1989. | Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

Year: 1989

Sylmar is other of a sleepy city northwest that Los Angeles, however it’s the website of what can be the best drug bust ever. In 1989, authorities seized an ext than 21 loads of cocaine worth around $6.9 billion on the street sit in a nondescript warehouse. Once the main players had actually their situations go to trial, the warehouse owner obtained a life sentence, follow to the Los Angeles Times.