The Oklahoma City Thunder newly came ago from 13 down versus the Miami heat to take the success in game 1 the the NBA Finals. However, this superior win doesn"t it seems to be ~ to have sparked the Thunder come a Finals series win. 

Some that the gamings on this list were large 20-point deficits the took a couple of quarters to come ago from. Others were fourth quarter comebacks through one player sparking the large run. 

However the happened, these room the five greatest comebacks in NBA Finals history.

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Bulls 97 - Blazers 93

The Chicago Bulls trailed through 13 points when the fourth quarter began. V Michael Jordan sit on the bench for the rally, Scottie Pippen and also four bench players carried the Bulls ago quickly.

With the Bulls ago in the game, Jordan returned and also quickly notched two steals. Jordan score a game-high 33 points, but Pippen to be the key to the game for Chicago. The game 6 victory closed the collection for the Bulls, giving them their second straight championship. 

Rockets 120 - Magic 118

Before Kenny Smith was making fun of Charles Barkley top top TNT, he was lighting it increase from past the arc in the NBA Finals. Smith hit 7 three-pointers—a finals record—to lug the Rockets ago from a 20-point first half deficit. 

Fans likewise remember Magic security Nick Anderson lacking four cost-free throws in the last minute.

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Smith struggle a three-pointer come send the game into overtime, and also then Rockets center Hakeem Olajuwon tipped in a let go layup with .3 seconds left. 

The Rockets would certainly go ~ above to sweep the Magic, and also Houston took their 2nd straight NBA Finals championship. 

3. Mavericks at Heat, 2006 Finals
3 that 5

Miami 98 - Mavericks 96

Down 2-0 in the series, the Miami warm were trailing 89-76 with 6:33 remaining. Dwyane Wade scored 12 points to command a 22-7 operation to close the game. 

Gary Payton make a game-winning run shot with nine seconds left, and the heat stole the victory from Dallas. Though countless remember wade receiving part questionable foul calls, the warmth closed the end the Mavericks in six gamings to success the franchise"s very first championship. 

2. Mavericks in ~ Miami, 2011 Finals
4 that 5

Mavericks 98 - warmth 96

Five years later, Dallas would certainly return the donate to the heat in the finals. Down 88-73 with 7:13 left, the Mavericks began a comeback that would see the video game tied v 20 seconds left. Dirk Nowitzki and also Mario Chalmers traded three-pointers to carry the score even at 96. 

Playing through an hurt left hand, Nowitzki journey left and also converted a layup through three seconds left to give Dallas the win. 

The Mavericks" video game 2 win tied the series, but the heat took the next game. Under 2-1, the Mavericks would certainly peel turn off three right wins to take it the series. 

1. Celtics in ~ Lakers, 2008 Finals
5 that 5

Celtics 97 - Lakers 91

Up two games to one, the Celtics discovered themselves under by 24 point out in the third quarter. Boston go on a 21-3 operation to end the quarter and ended the 3rd only down by 2 points.

The Celtics took a lead with around four minutes staying that they would not relinquish, acquisition the video game 97-91. 

The comeback was the biggest in NBA Finals history since 1971, and it provided the Celtics a 3-1 series lead. The Lakers would take video game 5, but Boston perfect them off in game 6 come earn your league-leading 17th championship.