World record catfish is constantly a warm topic amongst catfish anglers. It’s a hot topic amongst all three main catfish varieties of catfish in the unified States yet especially true for large monster blue catfish.

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Let’s take it a look at the human being record catfish captured in current years, the biggest catfish ever caught of every time!

Most Recent world Record Catfish

The catfishing civilization exploded v chatter on June 18, 2011, through talk the a new world document blue catfish, much larger than the previous biggest catfish ever before caught.

The brand-new world document blue catfish was captured Saturday night June 18th, 2011 in ~ John H. Kerr-Buggs Island Lake near Clarksville Virginia.

I was sitting roughly resting and also eating mine Fathers job breakfast, enjoying the work off when my email began buzzing every few minutes through breaking news of the brand-new potential civilization record blue catfish.

The previous world record blue was caught in the Missouri river in July the 2010.

Buggs Island Lake Virginia world Record Blue Catfish


Virginia Catfish Controversies – Invasive Species

Virginia has actually been the website of considerable controversy in the catfishing civilization over the past couple of years. The blue catfish have actually been classified as an invasive varieties in the tidal waters the the James Rivers and also the Chesapeake Bay.

This area has become well recognized for producing amazing trophy class blue catfish. There’s to be a recent push by state organ to eradicate the blue catfish from these waters by opened them come commercial fishing.

Past world Record Catfish

Here’s a watch at several of the past world record blues before the existing record and also the background behind them including the story that “splash” the huge blue that really placed the trophy blue cat on the map.

Missouri River, 130 Pounds, Greg Bernal


These are the “big four” trophy cat that have broken records in current years. Through the continued conservation efforts to practice catch and also release that trophy course catfish and also anglers becoming much more skilled and also locating and catching huge blues, there’s speculation that an additional monster cat will certainly come soon.

Where carry out you think the following IGFA cat will come from?

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