Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari v his 280-pound wels catfish indigenous the Po Delta. It could be a civilization record ~ above rod and also reel. Photograph from the Sportex Italia Facebook web page Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari, an expert at catching big wels catfish, outdid self on Thursday once he landed an massive 280-pounder in the Po Delta, a component of the famed Po River, the longest flow in Italy at much more than 400 miles.

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The wels catfish was put in a sling and also weighed out at 280 pounds. Photo is native the Sportex Italia Facebook web page

The Po River and also Delta are well-known for huge wels catfish, however anything bigger than 6.5 feet is thought about extremely rare, and also this one measured 8.8 feet.

The U.K. Winter reported the Ferrari’s fish can possibly it is in the world’s best wels catfish caught with a rod and also reel, though records of this type are an overwhelming to confirm.

The Mirror and also NT News reported that the greatest wels catfish ever before recorded was a 9.1-footer native the Po Delta, yet they different on that is weight—one reporting it as 308 pounds, the other as 317 pounds. The technique of that record is uncertain.

Sportex Italia, Ferrari’s sponsor, called his fish the “world document spinning torpedo,” which can mean the a human being record for a Torpedo turn rod do by one Italian manufacturer, despite it also simply says it’s a “world document in the turn fishing because that catfish.”

Regardless, Ferrari’s fish is just one of the best wels catfish taped in current history.


after weighing the wels catfish, Dino and also Dario Ferrari exit the beast back into the Po Delta. Photograph is native the Sportex Italia Facebook web page

any wels catfish bigger 보다 6.5 feet is taken into consideration extremely rare. This one to be 8.8 feet. Picture from the Sportex Italia Facebook page

The wels catfish is the second-largest freshwater fish in that region, ranking behind the beluga sturgeon. The largest beluga sturgeon on document is apparently 3,463 pounds.

Ferrari called GrindTV the the fish took an artificial bait ~ above the surface, and the fight from a watercraft lasted 40 minutes.

The best component about Ferrari’s record is the after he and his brother, Dario, sweet the fish, they released it back into the delta so it could fight again one more day.

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