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Theme parks and amusement parks space as well-known as never before. Return the US has some of the best – there are vast and excellent parks around the world, from Brazil to France and also in Japan. Disney and Universal are two of the key operators. The height 10 template parks operators together count almost 500 million travellers per year.

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According come the global Attractions Attendance Report 2017 published by the Themed Entertainment combination (TEA) and also the economics practice in ~ AECOM, 6 theme parks In Florida counting over 75.6 million travellers alone. In Japan, the 4 biggest parks count an ext than 51 million visitors.

There are all type of design template parks and also amusement parks, targeting different age teams of children, and also adults that course. We’ll shot to indicate which park fits come which age group. Keep in mind – most parks market something for every period group, and therefore deserve to be went to by every ages, however we just suggest which park seems to be the ideal fit because that each age group – just in case you’re lucky sufficient to choose.

8. Cedar Point, Ohio, USA – 147 hectares


The “Roller Coaster funding of the World” is one of the oldest amusement parks of the civilization (opened in 1870). It has 16 amazing roller coaster and also boasts few of the fastest and highest ones. Comes in 2019: Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island. Period groups: huge kids, tweens and also teenagers. https://www.cedarpoint.com/

Recommended hotels:

Cedar suggest Hotel Breakers – mid-range

Beachfront hotel top top Lake Erie v outdoor and indoor swim pools, hot tubs and on-site dining options. Nice views! Map

Cedar suggest Castaway Bay at home Water Park – budget

Budget option with access to the on-site at home water park, the Cedar allude amusement park is around 1.6 mile away. It has a personal beach and twin rooms the fit a family of four. Map

7. Tokyo Disney Resort, Japan – 250 hectares

First Disney theme park outside of the US with 16 million tourists every year. Opened in 1983, Tokyo Disney Sea was added in 2001 v attractions favor Mediterranean Harbor, American Harbor, Toy Story Mania, Aquatopia, Nemo & girlfriend SeaRider, Indiana Jones Adventure, Arabian Coast, Mermaid Lagoon, secret Island and also much more. Age groups: little kids, huge kids, tweens and teenagers. https://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp

Recommended hotels:

Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta – luxury

A dream for every child. Best at DisneySea – in the middle of the action. Map

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel – luxury

Also a dream. Huge. Ideal at the beginning, alongside the Tokyo Disneyland Station. Map

Hotel Okura Tokyo just – mid-range

An official Disney will hotel, but surprisingly fine priced, simply south that the design template park. Japanese-style rooms through futon beds. Ideal in prior of the Bayside terminal on the Disney will Line. 5 minutes to DisneySea and 10 minute to Tokyo Disneyland. Map

6. Universal Orland Resort, Orlando, FL, USA – 278 hectares

One that the favorite layout parks in Orlando, FL. It consists of number of parks: global Studios Florida, Universal’s Island the Adventure, Vulcano bay (water park), and also Universal City to walk (restaurant and shopping area). Opened in 2019: Hagrid’s miracle Creatures Motorbike Adventure (part of the take care of Potter World). Age group: big kids, tweens and also teenagers. https://www.universalorlando.com

Recommended hotels:

Note: at the time of writing, they to be still building the Surfside Inn and also Suites and Dockside Inn and Suites.

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Loews imperial Pacific will – luxury

Your luxury option right at the design template park (6 minutes walk). Youngsters love it. Adults do, too. Offers family rooms and also early park admission. Map

Loews Sapphire drops Resort – luxury

Also a favourite close to the park. Likewise offers beforehand park admission and has an excellent games room and also fitness center. Priced slightly listed below the royal Pacific Resort. Map

Universal’s Aventura Hotel – mid-range

Great alternative right beside the Loews Sapphire Falls. Additionally offers at an early stage park admission. Caribbean-inspired resort. Map

5. Alton Towers, Stoke-on-Trent, U.K. – 370 hectares

U.K.’s favourite amusement park, famed for that roller coasters. The newest attraction is the Wicker Man, which was opened in 2018. Alton Towers has virtually two million tourists per year. It’s easily available in less than 2 hours from Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield or Birmingham. Period groups: large kids, tweens and also teenagers. Https://www.altontowers.com/

Recommended hotels:

Alton Towers Hotel – mid-range

Right in the center of the action. A monorail connect you directly with the park (free). Map

CBeebies land Hotel – mid-range

Recommended especially if you have small children or toddlers. The has family rooms. Map

4. Disneyland, Anaheim, CA, USA – 1270 hectares

Probably the most recognized theme park in the world, opened in 1955 within the Los Angeles higher area. Return some locations are dated, Disney is extending the park consistently with new attractions. In 2001 Disney’s California Adventure Park was included which offers a mini trip through California. Shop because that discounts and also plan ahead. Period groups: little kids, huge kids, teens and teenagers. https://disneyland.disney.go.com/

Recommended hotels:

Disney’s sky Pier Hotel – luxury

You acquire it all at this Disney operation hotel. Rooftop pools v waterslide, Donald Duck greeting you, fireworks shows, etc. At an early stage admission to the park. Map

Residence Inn through Marriott – mid-range

Great mid-range option for kids with brightly themed kids’ suites. It has actually a sunlight deck and is just about a mile away from the Disneyland Adventure Park entrance. Map

Country Inn & Suites by Radisson – mid-range

About a 12 minute walk to Disneyland. Relaxing, clean hotel with nice the end pool, yet close come the freeway. Map

Best western Plus Stovall’s Inn – budget

Budget option, close to the park. Family rooms available. Map

3. Beto Carrero, Santa Catarina State, Brazil – 1350 hectares

South America’s greatest amusement park, opened in 1991. Located right top top the Atlantic, halfway in between São Paulo and Porto Alegre, but closer come Curitiba, Blumenau and also Florianópolis, in the state of Santa Catarina. It consists of 10 various themes prefer Pirate Island, Triplikland, German Village, Madagascar or warm Wheels. Age groups: big kids, teens and also teenagers. https://www.betocarrero.com.br/en

Recommended hotels:

Pousada Molinha – mid-range

A bit more away indigenous the park, but a beautiful place in case the park is not whatever for you, and also you’re trying to obtain some relaxation together well. Very family-friendly. Outdoor pool, hot tub and a terrace with beach views. Around an 8 minute walk to the beach. Good breakfast. Map

Vila Olaria Hotel – budget

Closest come the park, family members rooms available. Great option for households if you greatly want to visit the park. Great breakfast. Map

2. Disneyland Paris, France – 2230 hectares

The number one theme park in Europe since around 25 years. Number one traveler attraction in France. The park was prolonged in 2002 because that the Walt Disney Studios and Disney Village. The park has over 50 attractions, live shows, even a golf course. Period groups: big kids, teens and also teenagers. https://www.disneylandparis.com

Recommended hotels:

Disneyland Hotel – luxury

The hotel that will certainly make every child happy. The full Disney immersion. Majestic Victorian-inspired 5-star hotel. Map

Marriott’s town d’Ile-de-France – luxury

Beautiful residential or commercial property on the Disneyland golf course, supplies two- or three-bedroom townhouses, best for families. Indoor and outdoor pool, fitness center and on-site restaurants. Map

Radisson Blu Hotel Paris, Marne-la-Vallée – mid-range

It’s your an option if you arrangement to golf, because it’s appropriate on the golf course. Likewise otherwise a great option v swimming pool, and nice gardens outside. Household rooms available. Map

Explorers Hotel – mid-range

Family theme hotel the extends the Disney adventure. Cost-free shuttle business to the park, heated swimming pool, and adventure playground. Map

Vienna home Dream lock – mid-range

Nice castle setup next to a lake and gardens. Heated indoor swim pool. An excellent family alternative – examine for distinct rates. Map

1. Walt Disney civilization Resort, Orlando, FL, USA – 15,000 hectares

The number one design template park in the world, which actually is composed of several parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s pet Kingdom. Simply opened: Toy Story Land. You’ll need several days to see it all. Over there are likewise two water parks: Disney’s Blizzard coast Water Park and also Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. Period groups: large kids, tweens and also teenagers. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com

Recommended hotels:

Disney provides a variety of their own resort hotels. Mostly villas, connected to each design template park, e.g.

Disney’s Polynesian town Resort – luxury

Close to the Magic Kingdom park and linked by Monorail. It’ll make every child happy as soon as Mickey mouse stops by. Map

Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek – mid-range

Family-friendly will hotel with great outdoors. Cheaper 보다 the Disney hotels, tho luxurious. Surrounding to Walt Disney human being Resort. Totally free shuttle to the different parks. Children’s club. Map

Margaritaville will Orlando – mid-range

About 5 mile from Disney’s pet Kingdom and also 7 miles from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Palm-lined, outstanding outdoor pool and waterpark. Map