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The alligator is part of the Crocodylia family. The alligator is carefully related come the crocodile. What distinguishes the former is its rounded, wide snout and black color. Also, through its jaw tight, you deserve to only view the alligator’s top teeth. Plus, that unlikely you’ll ever find the alligator and crocodile in the same habitat. The alligator is among the world’s largest reptiles. And also how big it it s okay is surprising.

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#9 largest Alligators: The Robert Ammerman Alligator

Noted alligator hunter Robert Ammerman landed this gator in December 2017. Just glancing in ~ the alligator’s head said Ammerman every he required to know. The catch was so big he couldn’t pack it right into his boat. The only method to acquire it ~ above land was by towing it come shore. And this to be after the upset gator dragged the watercraft for 45 minutes! there was one more alligator in the area that may have actually been bigger than Ammerman’s catch. Only no one ever before got nearby to acquiring their hands on it.

Size: 14 feet 3.5 inchesWeight: 654 poundsYear: 2017Where: Florida

#8 largest Alligators: The Tom grant Alligator

Tom give is a famed alligator explorer. In 2012 he and also his team in reality went mano-a-mano through a gator the would finish up in the record books as one of the largest. ~ a tussle, they ultimately wrestled the beast to shore. Among the team hunters, Kenny Winter, said the gator damaged the boat’s winch. The undertaking took a total hour and a half. The team finished up with a massive reptile v a measured ship girth the 65 inches. This catch was certainly a discover as alligators the that length weren’t common in the Mississippi Delta.

Size: 13 feet 1.5 inchesWeight: 697.5 poundsYear: 2012Where: Mississippi

#7 biggest Alligators: The Blake Godwin and also Lee Lightsey Alligator

This alligator attracted attention by leave the stays of absent cattle in the water roughly the area. They uncovered it in a surrounding cattle pond at Outwest ranches when Lee Lightsey spotted it. He own the property. The Okeechobee, Florida, locals had to usage a farm tractor to pull the animal out the the water. Blake Godwin, among Lightsey’s guides, was there for the measuring. After he said, “It is difficult to believe that something this large exists in the wild.” The 2 hunters offered the meat come charity and taxidermied the rest of the carcass.

Size: 15 feetWeight: 800 poundsYear: 2016Where: Florida

#6 biggest Alligators: big Tex

This alligator actually had a name together he roamed the Trinity River nationwide Wildlife Refuge. Large Tex reportedly stopped fearing humans. This produced serious issues amongst the populace. The was lastly lassoed and relocated. The refuge measure the creature, timeless calling large Tex the best alligator in Texas background caught alive. Castle transferred large Tex come an exhibition area in Gator Country. He became a popular attraction in ~ the adventure park/rescue facility. One of his habitat mates is big Al, an additional giant at 13 feet 4 inches and also 1,000 pounds.

Size: 13 feet 8.5 inchesWeight: 900 poundsYear: 1996Where: Texas

#5 largest Alligators: The lane Stephens Alligator

There was a substantial gator roaming the neighborhood, described by local homeowners together a “nuisance.” neighborhood alligator trapper lane Stephens chose to go after it. The legally harvested over two dozen gators the year alone, pulling in 4 over 11 feet. Stephens snagged the gator through a baited hook, roped it, and also ended the battle with a clean kill. In total, he and also the gator fought for three and a half hours. Throughout, the marveled in ~ the dimension of the beast. Neighbors had actually said it to be big, yet Stephens didn’t intend the alligator to it is in a length of 14 feet!

Size: 14 feetWeight: around 1,000 poundsYear: 2012Where: Florida

#4 largest Alligators: The Apalachicola Giant

Corey Capps dreamt of bringing down the behemoth of one alligator haunting his house in Blountstown. Someday he to be on a watercraft ride when he spotted the gator ~ above the bank. Capps obtained his buddy, Rodney Smith, ~ above the line. Smith had actually a legal tag because that going ~ the animal. Lock went out the next day and also harpooned the giant. Making use of a Jon boat, the took virtually four hrs to relocate the gator simply 100 feet.

Size: 13 feetWeight: 1,008 poundsYear: 2020Where: Florida

#3 biggest Alligators: The Mandy Stokes Alligator

Currently, the Stokes gator remains the greatest verified alligator in the world. Mandy Stokes to be a hunter that boars and also deer but never planned to walk one-on-one through a gator. However one job she and also her household did go on a gator hunt.

On the fateful an initial trip, she bagged this giant. Put on perfume and pearls, Stokes had the tap the money to take on the gator for practically a complete day.

The fight took place at a tributary the the Alabama River. The Stokes family was ~ above a 17-foot aluminum vessel. The fight went on native night right into the following morning. After setting the an initial hook, castle struggled to host onto the beast. The wasn’t until the adhering to morning Stokes gained a clean shot.

The Stokes clan had to number out how to acquire the record back. They failed to get it into the boat. The family ultimately lashed it to the hull. With the boat on the verge the tipping, everyone stayed on opposing gunwale, the means sailors perform to counter solid winds.

The pet broke the winch locals supplied to weigh gators. A vision to see, the Stokes alligator is on display in Camden at the Millers Ferry Powerhouse.

Size: 15 feet 9 inchesWeight: 1,011.5 poundsYear: 2014Where: Alabama

#2 biggest Alligators: The Alligator Skull

Found in Florida, a discovered alligator skull most likely belonged to among the biggest alligators on record. That remains one of the biggest skulls found in the state. Making use of the 29 1/2 inch length of the skull, investigators to be able to determine the beast was 13 feet 10 inches. In ~ the time, that put the animal in the best top five. It most likely weighed 1,043 pounds.

Size: 13 feet 10 inchesWeight: 1,043 poundsYear: 2020Where: Florida

#1 biggest Alligators: The Mike Cottingham Alligator

During one outing v a private hunting club, Mike Cottingham instantly recognized this monster as large. The head by itself weighed close to 300 pounds. The reptile was so large five people had come lift it right into the boat. After evaluating the alligator, a neighborhood herpetologist estimated the animal to be close to 36 year old. The proud hunter stated he planned to mountain the head and use the remainder of the alligator to do himself a fine pair the boots.

Size: 13 feet 3 inchesWeight: 1,380 poundsYear: 2012Where: Arkansas

The American alligator, i m sorry keeps on cultivation throughout that is life, can thrive up to 11.2 feet long and also weigh nearly half a ton.

BONUS: The 19 Foot Legend & much more Tales of Giants

Of course, there room legends of freakishly substantial gators.

There is the unconfirmed story of a reliable environmentalist finding out the largest alligator of all time. If you execute a search, you will do it come across the story of the alligator comes in at 19 feet 2 inches.

Ned McIlhenny was, at the time, the most famous (and among the first) environmentalists. That knew his Crocodylia.

In 1890, McIlhenny shooting a sizable gator dice of exposure. That measured the gator making use of his total barrel. With the 30-inch barrel, he established the alligator to be an amazing 19 feet 2 inches.

But for factors we’ll never know, McIlhenny go nothing more except take the tale home with him. The scientific ar accepted the story based exclusively on McIlhenny’s reputation.

McIlhenny’s family members has your share that gator adventures together well. It’s said his uncle caught the largest alligator of every time in 1886. To display off the catch, John placed the gator top top a ship bound because that Philadephia.

Sadly, throughout the voyage, a seaman poured repaint on the gator’s head. The creatures likely suffocated (not the it’s top top record, but it died). The crew made decision it to be a waste to travel through a dead gator. They threw the overboard.

In the 19th Century, video game warden Max Touchet allegedly take it on a large alligator on Louisiana’s marsh Island. He and a colleague lassoed the animal and also pulled it out of a gator hole. Unfortunately, lock were number of miles from land and also couldn’t move the struggling beast. Lock killed and also skinned it. After, lock brought ago the skin. Evaluating the skin, they established the gator measure 17 feet 10 inches and also likely weighed around 1,000 pounds. And that’s likely an inaccurate number since removed alligator skins shrink!

In 2017, a Lochness-type video taken in Florida’s Polk County exploration Center appears to it is in of a monstrous gator. Conservationists and biologists think the video’s real and also the alligator is at least 14 feet long.

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Another classic video clip of a large of one alligator took location on the green of Florida’s Buffalo Creek yellow Club. The strolled throughout the third hole heading leisurely because that a lake. Guestimates put the animal at around 15 feet lengthy which would certainly make it well over 1,000 pounds.