The controversial reality present “Bigg boss 9” got to to its final stage and now only one day’s remaing to have the cool finale. After Keith Sequeira acquired evicted native the house in a surprised mid week eviction, the “Bigg ceo 9” season uncovered its top four finalists which encompass Rishabh Sinha, Rochelle Rao, Prince Narula and also Mandana Karimi.

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Bigg boss 9 21st January 2016 composed Updates

Now these 4 contestants will be compete against each various other to victory the last title the Bigg ceo 9 in the cool finale. The contestants’ spends practically 100 job in the residence with many ups and also downs; the participants’ are having mix feel with much excitement and nervousness too due to the fact that last couple of days. These four finalists space happy after lot struggle they ultimately makes to the cool finale the the show.

As per report this evening it will be shown that the “BB 9” participants’ Rishabh Sinha and also Rochelle Rao acquired an chance to move external from the residence “Bigg ceo 9” and also after going the end they got chances to interests v the media also they obtained chances to fulfill with your fans.

Via only and also only public voting’s somebody will certainly be emerged out together the winner. So currently it’s time because that the friends and family to shower head the participants’ through their love and prayer to makes them win the show.

Both Rochelle and also Rishabh will certainly be visit a shopping mall in Mumbai where they will be locked behind cage bars. V some strategy, castle are additionally having a job which both housemates Rishabh and Rochelle have to convince human being to vote for them and they also requested your fans to do them winner.

Rochelle and Rishabh likewise click selfies with their pan after having actually chit-chat through them in stimulate to impress them. Anyway, critical night tarot card leader predicted the the Mandana Karimi will be win the “Bigg ceo 9” title. Let’s view this will be expose on this Saturday.

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By the way, Mandana Karimi is not in great book come the Prince Narula, so Mandana Karimi call him fake, and also she additionally said the Prince Narula can’t take care of a strong woman and also he don’t desire to complete with solid woman. Prince Narula obviously disagrees with Mandana’s thought and also opinion.

Prince to Win? Bigg ceo 9 Final an outcome Winner surname Prediction

Don’t forget to capture these every actions only on “Bigg ceo 9” at the colour TV in ~ 10:30 PM!