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4 job to walk for grand Finale job 100 8:00am Its the time to disco plays. Inmates wake up and dance.

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10:00am A bird come in house, Mandana asks she to walk away. Bird goes in vase. Rishab brngs vase in garden, bird paris away.

1:00pm Bigg boss offers task to inmates “silent disco”, in this task, there will certainly be party in residence in i beg your pardon atleast two inmates need to be put on headphones and dancing in garden area till song plays, then various other two will change them. Bizzer plays, task starts Mandana and also Keith starts dancing.

1:30pm song is quiet playing, Mandana and Keith space dancing, Mandana access time on Keith’s bum, they dance funnily. Buzzer plays, that is time to adjust inmates. Prince and also Rochelle comes to dance.

2:20pm Prince and Keith room dancing. Yuvika come in house, all room happy. Keith hugs her tightly, Yuvika laughs. Prince hugs her, Rishab hugs her too. Prince and Keith are dancing, Rishab teases Prince. Yuvika says to Rishab that you played favor gentleman, i mean you did have actually fights however still you behaved nicely, Rishab claims what about Prince? Yuvika claims he stated that he wll not provide attention come Nora together he likes someone else. Buzzer plays, Rochelle and Mandana goes to dance. Prince pertains to Yuvika and hugs her, Rishab says stay away. Yuvika says to Keith that you are coming out very down, under Rochelle’s shadow.

2:30pm Rishab says to Yuvika that ns wanna dance v you in finale, Yuvika states i will tell Prince, he states its not around him, i simply wanna dance with him, civilization are underestimate me, Keith states nothing choose that. Yuvika states you claimed that your jaws hurt as i smile so much, he says i said that, additionally i claimed that ns wanna dance with you in finale, Yuvika states why Yuvika only? he states it doesnt matter, i desire to recognize you. Keith claims Yuvika you room lucky girl, two boys behind you, Yuvika says in fun i stated that ns would day Rishab and also marry Prince, she laughs.

3:00pm Yuvika asks Prince if proposing me was component of game? he states no, Yuvika says why friend talked about my family? there to be nothing like that, i take time come respond, Prince claims i assumed that i maybe forcing you it is why i relocated away. Yuvika states then i saw Nora’s thing, Prince says Nora evaluate me so much, Yuvika says civilization were asking me what is Prince doing v Nora and also all. Prince says if i had time then us would have actually talked about us, Yuvika says if i had time then ns would have actually responded come you.

3:10pm Rishab teases Prince, Yuvika states to Prince that you also said you prefer Nora, your and also her jodi is nice, Rishab teases Prince that currently there is no possibility with Yuvika.

4:00pm Nora come in house, Prince is dancing through Yuvika. Nora claims to Prince that dont dance with me, she greets and also hugs Yuvika. Nora says to Rishab that you have positive feedback, your new hairstyle is cool. Prince hugs Nora, Nora claims i am miffed through you, he claims i need to be miffed through you.

4:11pm Nora says to Rishab that us both were wrong, maybe due to the fact that of hunger, us went overboard, i am i m really sorry for any fight, Rishab states i never commented around your career, you stated my capacity, Rishab says i i do not know comment about someone else capacity once i havent accomplished anything myself. Yuvika teases Prince that Nora is through Prince. Prince says it no matter, if who meets me nicely then i will certainly otherwise ns dont care. Rishab asks Nora to rest Prince’s heart, she states he damaged my heart.

Prince states to Nora the i got angry top top your behavior when you come in house and also ignored me. Nora states whats happening? you room juggling in between me and also Yuvika, its fine with me however not with people, its favor you room talking about me one day and talking about Yuvika otherday, i recognize this is typical feeling however you have clear things. Prince claims i am clear around you, Nora says this is ridiculous, i am not kid. Prince states Yuvika is my friend and also will stay friend, i favored her but nothing an ext than that, Nora says civilization exaggerated it.

Nora claims to Madnana that now video game is done between you and me. Infact Kishwar is done through you. Mandana says we did points in tasks, we had actually crazy in incidents, Nora says people do gain revengeful in tasks. Nora says civilization are choose Nora will certainly break his heart and that Nora used him, i am come on he is 28years old guy, he cant be the fool, Mandana states they are choose you stole the from others.

5:45pm Gizele come in house, Rishab hugs her and also gives her kiss, she asys you room looking warm in new look. Gizele claims Keith is normal? that is dancing and also all, Gizele asks wherein is more family? Gizele states to Mandana that only one main is remaining, manage yourself.

Gizele claims to Yuvika the you were stated in entirety season, Yuvika claims i chosen it, she asks if Nora is insecure with your presence? he claims i not know, Gizele says Prince must be confused, you and also Nora are wearing exact same colors too. Nora claims i havent faced such an awkward situation. Gizele concerns Mandana and also says lets talk, Mandana dances funnily infront the her, Gizele smiles. Bigg boss ends quiet disco task.

6:15pm Gizele says to Prince that now Yuvika and Nora room at sametime, Prince states remember i eliminated you through my kiss? Yuvika asks what she thinks? Gizele says Yuvika is Prince’s true love, i can see that in Prince’s eyes, Prince hugs Yuvika, they laush, Yuvika says he loves someone else, Gizele claims Yuvika why you no melt? you could have continued to be more, Yuvika states i couldnt respond so soon, Prince claims we was understood, there to be nothing, Gizele says you could have made her stay an ext in house, Prince says she didnt stay, ns dont understand what was checked out outside.

7:00pm Bigg boss claims to Nora, Yuvika and Gizele the its great to see you back, us wish them and they deserve to leave now. Gizele says Bigg ceo its just four days, allow me remain here. Prince says to Nora that us will meet outside, Nora asks if the felt negative when she to be evicted and he proposed her on screen? Prince says no, Nora states as we had currently talked earlier around it so i didnt prize there, it to be awkward, Prince claims i simply said my heart, Nora claims i assumed it was simply game, he says no i simply wanted tell girlfriend what i feel, she states i no say i love you back, he states i love girlfriend is big thing to say, Nora says world took it way too ahead that i didnt answers you earlier and ns ditched you, he says nothing favor that, Nora hugs him, he offers her kisses ~ above cheeks, Nora, Yuvika and Gizele leaves.

8:00pm Bigg boss asks inmates to decision whose performance was not entertaining in silent disco task, he or she will not be component of Bigg boss’s ‘festive dinner’. Mandana states i wanna provide Rishab’s name together he was not entertaining, Rishab claims i wanna provide Mandana’s name, she stopped alot in dance. Rochelle states Rishab to be distracted by outsiders, Rishab says also Mandana to be distracted. Keith states Rochelle and Rishab had actually same type of dance yet Rochelle had an ext looks top top face, Keith says to Rishab that i am sorry, Keith states i am speak sorry together you space not listening, Rochelle asks Keith provide her surname if he wants, Keith says no, i know who i want to choose, i have actually to provide your surname Rishab. Prince gives Mandana’s name together she quit in dance. Rishab says they think, i was not entertaining, they tho underestimate me. Prince coems there, Rishab states i dont understand why Keith constantly follow Rochelle? ns feel negative that the acts choose dog, Prince offers him hug.

8:30pm Rishab states to Rochelle the why no you think that Mandana was less entertaining? Rochelle claims Mandana entertained. Rishab asks Keith, Keith states she had actually put more energy in dance, Rishab states i will gain after winning show, Keith says dont take it it personally, Rishab states i will as i just didnt work-related on expressions. Rishab claims why you constantly just listen to Rochelle? carry out you yes, really think yourself that ns was not entertaining? ns entertained as lot as i could, Keith says i have actually taken decision, Rishab taunts the Keith was most entertaining, right, Keith claims dont insult me, also i could say why you didnt pick me in work before, you can go to dinner, Rishab claims you space calling me that ns am not entertaining, Keith says i no say that, i said compared to Rochelle you to be less, Rochelle claims he didnt follow me as we no even discuss it, Rishab says this happens everytime, Rochelle asks Keith to offer her name together she doesnt wanna gain into this, Keith says why must i once i think Rishab was much less entertaining.

9:00pm Bigg ceo asks inmates that was least entertaining in task? they say Rishab, Bigg boss states so Rishab will not be part of Dinner. Prince claims dont execute this. Rochelle says even Mandana’s wellness is no fine, she is no even existing here, Prince says i no eat dinner. Lounge is decorated. Rochelle states we must have given Mandana’s name. Rishab is sitting in bedroom. Mandana is lied in her bed, she is crying. Buffet is gift to inmates, Rochelle cries, they not eat it.

10:00pm bigg boss says to inmates the we space not surprised the you human being are regretting her decision, take the dinner and also put that in keep room. Rochelle says sorry Bigg boss yet we cant eat it versus humanity, you could have listened the end request, us cant treat people like animals. Rochelle and also Prince place food in store room. Prince states they take it so lot time to decorate this, Rochelle says however how deserve to we eat it? us did our task, we are here as we did tasks.

11:15pm Rishab says to Keith and Rochelle the you are back tracking your words, if i was in your place, i would have eaten food and also would have hidden it for various other person, girlfriend walked back, you determined to choose me out then you are not stand by it, Rochelle states we were feeling poor for you, Rishab claims dont be, we would be eat in hotel ~ 4 days. Prince claims we didnt execute it because that you however for us, us felt bad, Rishab claims i simply said that i didnt favor you people underestimating me, Prince claims if her mood was appropriate then us would have eaten yet we didnt eat because of united state not due to the fact that of you, we space human and also cant eat by taking out one person, Rishab says i reacted and it was no wrong, Rochelle says you were no wrong however dont phone call me following time that i am back tracking mine words, ns stand by my words, Keith says we felt bad to eat favor this, Rishab claims fine, make rice now.

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PRECAP- Tarot card leader comes in house. Prince asks her if he will win? she asks if that talking around game or life? Prince says both, ns wanna take connections from here and keep castle intact, reader claims its not straightforward to keep relations intact, you need to work top top them. Rochelle asks her around her marriage, reader says its no cake walk, ns see trouble in your relation comes in future. Reader claims to Mandana that it seems prefer your love life is no fine, Mandana says possibly my partner’s perception around me has readjusted after this show, reader says you didnt gain much news about your partner. There will certainly be Midweek eviction this week and one inmate will leave house.