The controversial display “Bigg ceo 9” is all collection to welcome the ex-contestant of “Bigg boss 6” Imam Siddiqui ~ above its Monday episode. Imam Siddique’s entry will certainly be happen some an ext spices to the show reportedly. Other than we all know already that Imam is having his own agenda. With Imam Siddique’s entry will certainly be full on Nautanki city drama. The hold Salman Khan will be top Imam in his entry. With Imam’s entrance anticipation is saying that he will certainly repeat the exact same high voltage drama which the did in “Bigg ceo 6”. People who understand Imam will certainly agree the after his entry, points will adjust and the “Bigg Boss” house will be witness something interesting.

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No removed took place this week from bigg ceo 9 house.


Bigg ceo 9 11th January 2016 Episode composed Updates

The housemates of the “BB” residence now have actually to attend to Imam Siddique to reach the cool finale of the show. Although, among the participant, Prince Narula, was currently became finalist, of the show, “Bigg ceo 9” in the critical week. About his entrance Imam speaks to media, “I’m incredibly excited come reenter the Bigg Boss residence at the the most crucial point that the season. I have always been a Bigg boss fanatic and the present is an extremely close to mine heart. It offers me satisfied to recognize that i’ve gone under in the history of Bigg Boss and also have regulated to win many hearts end the years. I’m going within the home with a mission to entertain the audience and also promise to do my remain inside the residence a memorable one”.

As per resources Imam will certainly be offering some jobs to the existing housemates consisting of Rishabh Sinha, Prince Narula, Rochelle Rao, Mandana Karimi, Keith and also Priya Mallik. Now the housemates need to perform according to Imam’s view and Imam additionally have ideal to take it decision for them.

So that is saying currently the survive of the housemates will certainly be seemed an extremely tough because that the housemates. Let’s see exactly how they will manage Imam Siddiqui. Kishwar additionally will be shares screen an are with the hold Salman khan in the tonight episode.

Tonight Kishwar will shares her emotion after being evicted. However Salman recorded her feelings that she is disappointing with Prince and also Kishwar stated yes she is. Kishwar claimed that Prince never provides her opportunity to be in the grand finale. That was prefer brother to me and I thought and expected native him the he will carry out anything for me in spite of he no did anything because that me.

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He was choose brother come me so ns sacrificed because that him. Wishing him every the best and want the to win “Bigg ceo 9”. Next week in the display there will be 2 evictions. And also Imam will be in the residence of “BB” because that a week.