'Weekend Ka Vaar' on Bigg ceo 10 way lots the gyaan native Salman, however also, part much-needed evaluation of how each of the contenders has actually performed in the week gone by.


We"ve reached the 3rd weekend of color TV"s controversial reality present — Bigg Boss season 10.

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And what does the weekend mean?

Why, the "Weekend Ka Vaar" episode with Salman Khan, that course!

"Weekend Ka Vaar" method lots of gyaan indigenous Salman, but also, some much-needed evaluation of how each the the contenders has actually performed in the week unable to do by. Reduction in the Bigg Boss residence with no accessibility to the outside world, the contestants don"t have much the a method of learning what impression they"ve made in the mental of the public/viewers. The WKV illustration act as a reality check, pass those who must be, ago to the ground, and also delivering some an inspiration to the rather who need it, to continue to be in the game.

Now, znjke.com has already done its version of the pre-WKV.

We got previous contestants Kamya Punjabi, Kashmira Shah and also TV actor/host karan Wahi come sharetheir monitorings of how the celebrities and Indiawale have actually been performing therefore far.

Their verdict: The Indiawale — as of now — are arising as the real stars of the show. They"re the ones including entertainment value to every episode, including some spark and also drama to the proceedings. Coming in because that a special point out is Manoj Punjabi aka Manu.

As for the others — like Swami Om, Karan Mehra, Gaurav Chopra, Bani J et al — read the full report here:

Bigg boss 10: have Indiawale choose Manoj Punjabi, Swami Om, become the actual "stars"?

Leaving beside the retrospective analysis, what are the major developments slated to unfold in this WKV with Salman?

Well, firstly, the specify name of Gaurav Chopra together the "Khalnayak" of the house.

Now Gaurav has been reasonably dignified with the illustration so far. Yet let"s no forget that he did direct all the celebrities to finish their "secret task", the one that gave them back their "maalik" condition in the Bigg Boss house.

Majority nominates
gauravchopraa together the Khalnayak of the residence & right here are the reasons!#BB10WeekendKaVaar #Video https://t.co/2MpV5y5TiD

— Bigg ceo (
BiggBoss) November 5, 2016

Meanwhile, Salman is none also happy with the Indiawale in this episode.

He starts off on a lighthearted enough note, cracked jokes at Swami Om"s expense:

Majority nominates
gauravchopraa as the Khalnayak of the residence & below are the reasons!#BB10WeekendKaVaar #Video https://t.co/2MpV5y5TiD

— Bigg boss (
BiggBoss) November 5, 2016

But soon, things take a significant turn:

BeingSalmanKhan is shocked through Indiawale! clock this! #BB10WeekendKaVaar #ManuPunjabi #OmSwami https://t.co/df7aE9cmdE

— Bigg boss (
BiggBoss) November 5, 2016

It"s no going to be every shocking revelations for the contestants in this WKV, however. There room some celebrity guests that will it is in dropping by come cheer increase the BB inmates, and also it"s Farhan Akhtar and also Shraddha Kapoor, cultivating their upcoming movie Rock top top 2.

Do they organize a unique gig because that the contestants?


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RockOn2TheFilm stars
FarOutAkhtar &
ShraddhaKapoor in the home tonight! #BB10WeekendKaVaar
BeingSalmanKhan https://t.co/HL1tyyNwOt

— color (
ColorsTV) November 5, 2016

Watch the WKV episode on color TV to record up top top a week"s happenings of Bigg boss 10.