The episode starts through Salman cannes dancing to the melody of Aaj Ki Party in addition to a couple of kids. Currently when there"s Mr cannes around, at least one succession with youngsters is a given, considering just how much he"s fond of them. Anyway, so the Aaj Ki Party performance involves an end not before the actor gives away some Diwali presents to the kids. He even reveals that the kids are actually orphans short article the dance gig the they conduct. Therefore yes. Every the cutesy stuff happens and then Salman gets under to business. And you know what happens when he starts grilling the contestants in the house. However, we"ll save your souls over there for the doesn"t occur in today"s episode. The is fairly easy on them and even plays some quippy gamings with them. Currently you could have noticed by currently that Salman is completely gaga end Om Swami. Who wouldn"t be? likewise Read - "I pray Yuvraj Singh and also Hazel Keech continue to be away native his mom" - sister in law Akansha Sharma speaks up AGAIN!

Being his favourite, the actor conveniently starts taking on Swamiji by showcasing a montage of alternate career options for the man. That bit contains his challenge being photoshopped on Barack Obama, Yo Yo honey Singh, Baahubali and also Khan"s Dabangg together well! That type of eases all the stress and anxiety reigning end the nominated contestants. Post the same, he introduces two brand-new games namely, The Laddoogame and also The Thappad video game before setting a festive mood. The laddoo game"s an easy rule is that you present the orange laddoo come the person you favor the most and also green for the one whose presence might be avoided. Sadly, ~ Navin"s backstabbing incident, most of the environment-friendly laddoos go right to him. Swamiji then talks around worldly pleasures and also how Salman khan hasn"t yes, really experienced any as the isn"t married. Ouch. Swami burns Khan! additionally Read - Yuvraj Singh"s dad Yograj singh SLAMS Bigg ceo 10 contestant Akansha Sharma ~ above her medicine abuse cases

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The thappad game is additionally quite an amazing one as the minute the human on the seat falls short to speak the truth, gets a slap from a gigantic and slightly creepy palm maintained right beside the seat. Gaurav Chopra, Navin Prakash, Manu Punjabi and Lopamudra Raut gain the gold opportunity to be slapped by the creepy palm. Amongst the four, Gaurav and also Navin both acquire slapped the best times. The funny game concerns an end as a brand-new segment i.e. Salman Ki Sabha takes over where three housewives share their perspective around how both the Indiawale and also celebrities fared in the main bygone. The housewives are utterly disappointed in Bani J because that underperforming for this reason much and having an obstacle balancing in between showing she fierce side and also maintaining the celeb status.

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After the housewives finish with your segment of discussion, the eliminations start. Salman being together a prankster that he his, top Gaurav Chopra right into believing that its him who has been eliminated. He also goes to gain his bags. However soon khan reappears on the screen and states the "he to be a-joking!". The announcement is made and also by a very fine line, Nitibha is saved while Akansha Sharma is evicted native the house. She seems totally happy by the decision while Nitibha cries a river (that was slight exaggeration). Shortly they all walk together and see her off.


The night climate switches from extreme to hilarious as Bharti Singh renders an appearance together with her comedy partner Karan Wahi. We"ve seen how entertaining and something annoying, Singh"s comical gags and also fiery jabs can be. They enter and start taking digs at every the contestants, particularly Om Swami as Bharti and also Karan joke around his 100-crore movie undertaking. In fact, they even make the dance and Swami ji gift a complete badass, is fast to shower a foot to Salman Khan"s song ‘Baby Ko bass Pasand Hai’. Your attention, well, Karan Wahi"s attention then transforms to Lokesh Kumari. He makes her audition for Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza. After ~ shaking a leg, Lokesh simply starts to talk but forgets her lines!

Bharti, however, take away a jibe on her by making fun of she voice and comparing her voice to the indomitable Rakhi Sawant! Ouch! But, at the end of the day, it"s Weekend Ka Vaar and also Salman khan bid adieu to a contestant, none various other than Akansha Sharma. I gotta state this, Salman certain is very fond that Om Swami. The loves acquisition Swamiji"s case and also a many times, Swamiji manages to provide it earlier to that in the most subtle manner! similar to how today Omji do a sly yet apt discuss Salman"s solitary status! Aren"t castle entertaining? We sure thought so! no a completely garma garam episode yet garam sufficient thanks come Salman"s laughter riot! continue to be tuned to this an are for every Bigg boss 10 updates!

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