Each day contestants discover a new lesson in the Bigg boss house and relationships and also friendships go v a gruelling test. Friends have the right to turn foes or there have the right to be misunderstandings. The pleasant relationship between Manu and also Lopamudra, together of now, has actually taken a beating because both were unsuccessful in the an enig task whereby they had actually to rob yellow from captain Rohan’s vault, that was the yellow mine owner. Their success might have changed the captaincy and one of them can have become the captain replacing Rohan. But it no happen and also both room seen blaming each other.

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Rohan Mehra and also Lopamudra Raut tussle by the gold locker/vault

Here"s the lowdown on illustration 39 that Bigg ceo 10 on color TV, together it unfolded:

After making several attempts to plunder Rohan’s gold, Lopamudra finds herself getting caught every time. After ~ disturbing logo in his sleep, Lopa goes and also sits with him and tries come sweet talk him. Logo shields his vault which has been tied with a rope.

Lopa lastly gives up and she climate goes on to apologise to Bigg Boss and complains the Manu go not take part in the task proactively even as it was an alleged to be teamwork. “I couldn’t do the rob single-handedly... Manu didn’t concerned help,” she justifies. However, Manu factors that the would have looked absurd if he’d unable to do to aid her because both, Lopa and Rohan were dealing with each other in a friendly and also playful manner. Having protected his yellow throughout the night, Rohan and the housemates wake approximately "Chandi Ki Daal Par." pointing out the failed robbery attempt, Lopa tells Manveer that she might have been successful if Manu had actually helped. Lopa additionally tells Rahul and also other contestants that stealing other wasn’t possible for her.

While making breakfast, Bani taunts Mona asking her to store the utensils clean. Mona gets annoyed with Bani for repetitively talking about the same thing. Justifying herself, Bani tells Mona to not take it personally since she only really hopes for a little cleanliness in the kitchen. As soon as Bani complains about this to Rohan, Lopa taunts her by questioning her to practice what she preaches. Irritated by this, Bani asks her to not talk about her behind she back. As Bani to walk away, Lopa gets into a brawl through Rohan saying the he is not strict with Bani when it concerns housework. Rohan, in turn, reminds her the she can not dictate what he have to or must not do. And also like a day-to-day routine, the contestants get into an dispute with Om Swami (this time, over the latter"s lethargy). Om additionally tells Bani she should not abuse the housemates. Gaurav tries come calm under Bani together the argument spirals.

When Om Swami complains to other housemates around Bani, for a change, the contestants ago Bani. OIn the heated argument, Om accuses Rahul Dev of thefts the gold that was dug the end in the task. Rahul lashes back and endangers to fight Om. Turns out, Om uncovered a chunk of gold in the bedroom and also instead of return it, preserved it because that himself. Wonder what he to be thinking? the he discovered real gold? after ~ the showdown, Om goes to Rahul and tries to tell him that his actions to be misunderstood, and also apologises. Outside, Om tells Mona Lisa and also Manveer the he never ever apologises to anyone and also so he did not say “sorry” come Rahul.

Announcing the finish of the BB gold Mine task, Bigg Boss additionally reveals the secret task provided to Lopa and Manu. “Forget around being successful in the task, Lopa and Manu fail miserably due to the fact that they couldn’t save the job secret,” claims Bigg Boss, i m sorry is so true. Lopa was heard talk to Manu about their secret task in prior of Manveer and even Manu was telling Om Swami about it. Rohan’s performance becomes a topic of discussion and also his efforts are lauded by Bigg Boss, making him the captain because that the 2nd week. Upset with Lopa for having actually shared details the the an enig task through the various other contestants, Manu go on a rant and also tells nearly every contestant the Lopa didn’t review out the indict of the task properly and also he wasn’t mindful that the task had actually to it is in secretive. However Lopa insists that she’d plainly told this come him in the an extremely beginning.

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As the day concerns a dramatic close, Bani’s emotions take it over as she battles with being grossly misunderstood by her other contestants. She consist of herself with a blanket and sobs when looking at some photographs in she suitcase. She refuses to join Gaurav because that dinner and Rahul calls her “touchy and egoistic”. And also tomorrow is yet an additional day when Rohan will ascendancy as the captain and will punish details contestants. There will be yet another round of showdown between Rohan and Om Swami, who will it is in heard saying that he made logo the captain and also now he was punishing him.