Bigg ceo 10, 22nd November 2016 composed update: Bani’s team loser the viral video clip task and also gets nominated.

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Bigg ceo 10, 22nd November 2016 composed update: Bani and also her team decides to perform spoof video of exactly how steamy scenes are shot in Bollywood.

As component of the viral video clip task, Mona Lisa and also Manoj Punjabi placed up a romantic act between a master and his maid when Lopa enters together Manu’s wife. The two start pulling every other’s hair which leader to a tug the war with Manu in between. Lopa, logo Mehra and Manu acquire pissed off v Swami because that lending his garments to Rahul, that mimics Swami in his act. Bani plays a reporter who has been waiting to interview Swami. They placed up an entertaining plot making clear laugh. She expresses exactly how impressed she is with the act and team Bani wins the 2nd act.

Rahul hugs Swami for making them win. The following act is in a tub and Bigg boss announces the team Bani will go first. Rohan says that they carry out a sting procedure scene showing Swami together a ‘tharki’ baba. Bani and also her team decides to do spoof video clip of how steamy scenes are shot in Bollywood. Gaurav and also Bani get in the bathtub with Rahul’s constant interference. Rahul dram the director of a film. They complete the shoot with Bani kissing Gaurav that faints after that. She leaves the bath tub with Rahul complying with her. Manveer and Nitibha argue with Rahul for leaving them out of all the decisions and acts.

Swami plays an ‘ayaash’ baba that is arrogant about himself. Mona Lisa and also Lopa flirt v him together he tells them that he have the right to hypnotise women right into sleeping with him. Lopa and also Mona pulls off the sting procedure act impressing Sunny. Team Lopa wins the following act together Swami speak Lopa that he placed his reputation at stake for this.

Bigg boss announces the next task and also says that a toss will decide who will gain to execute first. The contestants require to produce a video clip with cut outs of the contrary team members and also Lopa wins the toss. Every team sits and also discusses the act. Lopa’s team the cross the line together they suggest out the worst features in the contestants when Bani’s team puts up a dramatic act. Clear Leone start the house to declare the result of the last video. Bigg boss asks sunny to announce the final result. Sunny claims that the function of the job was come entertain and also in that sense, Lopa’s team aced and also they ultimately won the task. Bigg boss congratulates them and also announces that Lopa’s team is for sure from nominations and team Bani is nominated because that eliminations. Sunny gifts her signature perfume to Lopa’s team on your win. After that clear announces the they should perform a viral video together.

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All the contestants collection in the garden area to carry out a Sholay scene. Sunny dances ~ above ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ indigenous Sholay. Manu addresses clear as “maal” to which Bani objects but Manu says when Sunny doesn’t have any problem, then why is she increasing an objection. Lock both obtain into verbal spat. To cool down the atmosphere, clear interrupts in between and also then pipeline the home by speak goodbye come all. Bani and also other contestants ask Swami no to touch any type of female guest without your permission.