In Bigg ceo 10, contestants space upset and also irritated v the brand-new captain that the house, rohan Mehra. That is being dubbed a dictator.

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Bigg ceo 10 contestant logo Mehra and also his girl friend

In Bigg boss 10, anyone wake-up call this morning is the track ‘Ek ho gaye hum gloriole tum’. The first person to destroy the peace of the home is Lokesh once she says with logo after he tells her to help the others make breakfast. She reminds logo that he is her favourite, however despite that, she doesn’t appreciate being mistreated.

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Bani, ~ above the various other hand, teaches Rohan how to attend to the housemates while distributing the family members duties. Bigg boss calls logo to confession room and also ask him to name two contestants who he desire to send come jail. Logo decides the Manu and Manveer deserve to be punished but refuses to give any kind of justification for his decision, leading to Manu and also Manveer rejecting this punishment. They are supported by the housemates that are likewise not encouraged by Rohan’s absence of explanation. Lopamudra tries come ask the reason from Rohan, but instead they get into a linguistic spat. Lopa taunts rohan saying the he is behaving favor a dictator and not a captain. Seeing the Manveer is unwilling to accept his punishment, rohan asks him to take on his daily chores however Manveer refuses to carry out so.

Bigg ceo declares that it is the captain’s duty to pat fair and take the appropriate decisions. He additionally asks the contestants to follow the captain’s orders, reminding them the if lock fail in ~ doing so, it might lead to severe consequences.

Ashamed at having broken major rules the the Bigg ceo house, Manu and Manveer go to prison for your punishment. Bigg ceo announces that Manu and Manveer will have to go to jail. Manu gets upset about it but Manveer convinces that to walk to jail. Gaurav renders sure the Manu and Manveer walk to the jail as he is the jailer. Swami stands close to the jail as soon as Manveer asks that if that is tiny bit upset around them going to jail. Swami Om starts crying as claims that he is upset as there space no beds in the jail and he feels because that them. Manu, in return, replies that they will never say anything bad to Swami from now on.

Rohan says Lopa hasn’t cleaned the life area properly. Lopa tries to wake up Rohan however then completes her work. Lokesh refuses to finish her family members duties and also instead prefers to continue to be with Manu and also Manveer for some time. Rohan, ~ listening come this, announces a punishment because that Lokesh. Rohan and Lokesh gets right into an argument over this, rohan snatches a organization box from Lokesh’s hands and call she ‘Badtmeez’.

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Bigg ceo announces an additional task to test the strength of men. All the ladies of the house will rank men of the house. Gaurav is ranked first whereas rohan is ranked second. They fight for Garnier men hamper and Rohan wins the task. Bani raises objection ~ above Rohan’s win as Lopa, the mediator, did not provided a same decision. Bigg boss announces that Manveer and also Manu’s jail hatchet is currently ended and also they deserve to leave the jail best away.