After plenty of fights, accusations and also escalating anxiety in the Bigg boss house, actors from various Colors TV reflects made an appearance on day 64 — episode 64, Weekend Ka Vaar one-of-a-kind — to lighten the mood of the contestants. However the night ended with a shock eviction.


After plenty of fights, accusations and also escalating tension in the Bigg Boss house, gibbs from miscellaneous Colors TV shows made an appearance on work 64 — illustration 64, Weekend Ka Vaar distinct — come lighten the the atmosphere of the contestants.

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Salman dances through Mouni Roy in Bigg ceo 10 Weekend Ka Vaar

Karanvir Bohra (who warmly greeted his friend Gaurav and also Rahul), Adaa Khan, Rubina Dilaik stage a play with Bani playing a "Sanskaari Bahu", Lopamudra "The other Woman", Gaurav as "The Hero" and also Om Swami as "The Tantrik". Karanvir bring in a readjust in Om"s format by making that wear his jacket. Further, Manu, Manveer and also Rohan are offered the task of making a bouquet and whoever is able to collection the maximum variety of roses, goes for a day with among the actresses. Logo wins the task, yet after the task Priyanka and Lopa have actually a fight and also the gibbs pacify the two. Subsequently, Manveer tells Karanvir that Nitibha to be feeling negative as she didn’t obtain to take part in any type of of the tasks, and also Nitibha, in addition to Mona, dances with the entire Colors team.

Later the actors from the Colors family members — Sooraj (Vijayendra Kumeria), and also Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) — make a dhamakedaar entry dancing to ‘Kala Chashma’. Mouni more sets the phase on fire as she grooves come ‘Baby Ko bass Pasand Hai" along with megastar and also show hold Salman Khan. That asks them about their endure of visiting the Bigg Boss house and interacting with the housemates. Karanvir tells Salman the they had actually a wonderful time inside the house particularly with Om"s antics.

Up next, within the house, Salman introduces another balloon job wherein one selected contestant is required to sit in a chamber placed in the task area if the other contestants prize the inquiry thrown in ~ them by mirroring placards the ‘yes’ or ‘no’. ~ above receiving the maximum ‘yes’ or ‘no’, water balloons will be dropped native the chamber. The housemates select Gaurav to perform the task. Salman asks the an initial question — even if it is Gaurav and Bani’s friendship is that convenience? other than for Rahul and Rohan, every others contestants express commitment by reflecting ‘yes’ placards. Salman asks few more hard-hitting questions favor does Gaurav chicken the end of sticky situations and also whether that is fear of Priyanka. After ~ this, Gaurav finds himself drenched in water. Further, Priyanka has to answer some difficult questions prefer whether she’s jealousy of M3 (Manu, Manveer and Mona) and whether she influences Manveer.

Closing the episode, Salman announces the surname of the evicted contestant leaving everyone in shock but before that the asks Manu that who among the 3 contestants — Lopa, Rahul and also Nitibha worthy to be in the house, and Manu names Lopa. Bani, too, agrees through Manu, if Gaurav and also Rohan feel that Nitibha can get evicted. And also Salman ultimately announces Rahul’s removed after ripe weeks of stay in the house, saying, “I’m shocked.” “But I recognize that you are an extremely happy,” Salman adds. Together Rahul steps out that the house, Manu and Manveer celebrate for Nitibha. Manu lifts her while Nitibha tells Manveer it to be unbelievable the she is able to watch him. ~ above this, Manveer reveals to Nitibha that he had actually told Karanvir to have a dance with her just in instance she had to leave the house today. Manu and also Nitibha salute Bigg Boss and Nitibha more wonders exactly how the biggest celebrity that the house, Rahul Dev, might lose against her. Lopa, Gaurav and also Rohan break down because that Rahul"s departure, conversely, Priyanka is checked out singing a track which irks Gaurav.

Later, Rahul interacts through Salman within the previous tells the hold that he had actually expected to invest just 5 weeks in the house however it got extended to nine. “But you to be the quietest person in the house which is so really difficult. Ns wonder exactly how you could control yourself,” Salman tells Rahul. After showing some of his exciting footage in the house, Salman asks Rahul how would the two "children", an interpretation Lopa and Rohan, the left behind deal with without him. Both, Lopa and Rohan would often turn come Rahul for advice whenever lock were caught in a spot. Talking around them, Rahul states that Lopa was fearless whereas logo was a mature and also understanding boy.

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On Monday night"s episode, there will certainly be most tension in the residence when the contestants will watch part unseen footage and also as a result Manveer will verbally attack both Gaurav and also Bani, when Mona will have a showdown v Gaurav. Mona will additionally get disturbed as soon as she will watch the clips of her fiancé, Vikrant sink Rajpoot, as soon as he had come because that ‘Salman Ki Sabha’ couple of weeks ago. Manu, too, will be seen getting furious over something and thus many relationships will certainly undergo a change. Also, Monday being the nomination day, Bani will certainly nominate Manu, and also both, Manu and Manveer will certainly nominate Gaurav. Looks choose there is walk to be a "war" in between what formerly was referred to as "Indiawaale" matches the Celebrities.