Bigg ceo 10: Gaurav Chopra and also Karan Mehra space the celebrity contestants of Bigg boss house.

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In Bigg boss 10, contestants wake as much as the track “Aa dekhe zara, kisme kitna hai dum,” as result of captaincy task. Swami speak Gaurav and also Rahul that they must aim at break the triangle that Manu, Manveer and also Mona. Bigg ceo calls logo to the confession room and also asks for two contestants that under-performed in the vault task and also those two weakest contestants will not complete for the captaincy task. Swami, after see Nitibha’s brief dress, asks Gaurav why females wears brief dress, Gaurav provides it back to Swami by saying that they room no one to discuss anyone’s clothes. Captaincy competition starts, the an initial pair that competes for captaincy is Lopa and Karan. Both Karan and Lopa has to balance a flower pot retained on the plank through their feet and whosoever loser the balance very first will shed the task. Both try to balance the flower pot for pair of hours however in the end Lopa wins the task. Manu speak Lopa the he wants Lopa to it is in the captain of the house. Swami says that that came earlier just to let Manveer and Manu take the limelight and also enough footage.

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Another job takes place in between Rahul and Rohan. They gain wrapped in a cellophane sheet and also are forced to touch the finish line by crawling. Rohan wins the task. Bigg ceo ask contestants come vote in between Lopa and Rohan for final captaincy. Through maximum votes in favour the Rohan, he i do not care the captain that the house. Logo decides the beds for contestants and he asks Lopa come share she bed through Bani. She refuses to share bed v Bani and also listening to this Bani and Lopa gain into a cook argument. Logo doesn’t asking Lokesh while making arrangement to shift her bed. Lokesh gets angry at this and also refuses to relocate from she bed. Logo tries to do her understand yet she replies by saying that she is all set to take punishment yet she won’t give her bed to someone else.

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Bani make the efforts to convince Lokesh but she says that she will sleep top top the floor but will not sleep whereby Rohan is saying. Lokesh cries and also says that she desires to leave the house and also she misses her family. Manveer argues her to store calm and not to shed hope.