Catch the Bigg ceo 10 - 11th November illustration 26 2016 live streaming right here on the Voot application of Viacom 18.

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Catch the Bigg boss 10 11th November illustration 26 right right here on the Voot application of Viacom 18!Bani J is the new, or fairly the an initial Captain the Bigg boss Season 10, and she has a tough task front of her tonight to nominate 2 contestants to walk to prison in the House! TheBigg ceo 10 11th November episode 26 starts at 10.30 pm IST, yet the excited has already begun! this day onwards, Bani J has to prove the she is a fair and able Captain! If she chooses she rivals Manveer and Lopamudra Raut to go to the prison in Bigg ceo 10, will certainly she it is in fair?Also review - "Main Pehle Se Hindustan Ka Bhai Hun," Salman khan Goes All large With Dialogues in Aayush Sharma"s Antim - watch Trailer

Beauty queen Lopamudra Raut fifty percent expects Bani J to nominate her for the in-house prison. Yet Manveer and also Manu Punjabi actually desire to send Om Swami earlier into the jail! The evicted contestant was ago into the Bigg ceo 10 house after housemates were asked come “buy” him ago for the price of the deluxe Budget, which had been decreased because specific contestants broke the rule of Bigg boss 10. Manu Punjabi is also at loggerheads v Bani J and Lokesh Kimari; Bani J because he was additionally a contender to it is in Captain and also so to be Om Swami.Bani J also has to concentrate on the job and leave she budding romance through contestant Gaurav Chopra aside. Will she beable to do that? likewise Read - "Karan Ko hello Winner Bana Do" Netizens call Bigg ceo Unfair, Remind how Kushal Tandon and also Zeeshan cannes Were Eliminated

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Among every this tension, Bigg ceo 10 Housemates will have a surprised in the kind of singer-composer Ankit Tiwari entering the House at an early stage morning to sing his renowned song Teri Galliyan indigenous Ek Villain. The sleeping contestants, who generally wake up to a taped song, space surprised to see Ankit Tiwari drop into their bedrooms singing the number. Om Swami starts to dance prefer a clown and also other contestants sign up with him! us wonder how numerous BB10 contestants recognise Ankit Tiwari, thought! also Read - Bigg ceo 15: Apologetic Karan Kundrra Breaks down After Salman cannes Bashes Him because that Attacking Pratik Sehajpal

Along through Ankit Tiwari, who has composed the music because that Tum Bin 2, the actors of the movie will also join in to have actually some fun through the housemates. However, it will not be every song and dance, like it happened when Farhan Akhtar and also Shraddha Kapoor come in to promote your film Rock ~ above 2. Tum Bin 2 actorsNeha Sharma, Aditya Seal and also Aashim Gulati will give the Bigg boss 10 contestants a game to play, type of like a task. We don’t know yet if Bigg Boss has actually anything to carry out with it. Us shall recognize tonight!Watch Bigg boss 10 11th November 2016 Watch full Episode 26 digital on Voot app right here!