The huge Ten announced a full breakdown of that 126 men's basketball conference gamings slated because that the 2021-22 season. Every of the 14 conference colleges will contend in a 18-game big Ten schedule.

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The big Ten season is set to begin on Dec. 5, with 12 games being played in between Dec. 5-12. ~ Dec. 12, there will certainly be a break in conference play until Dec. 30. Each institution will play 5 teams double — when at home and once top top the road — and eight teams once, with four played in ~ home and four away.

The 29th huge Ten Women's Basketball Tournament will certainly be play at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis from March 2-6, 2022.

2021-22 big Ten Women's Basketball Schedule

Sunday, December 5

Maryland in ~ Rutgers

Michigan State at Iowa

Ohio State at Purdue

Wisconznjke.comn at Northwestern

Monday, December 6

Penn State in ~ Indiana

Nebraska in ~ Minnesota

Wednesday, December 8

Purdue at Maryland

Thursday, December 9

Illinois in ~ Michigan State

Michigan in ~ Wisconznjke.comn

Rutgers at pen State

Sunday, December 12

Indiana in ~ Ohio State

Minnesota in ~ Michigan

Thursday, December 30

Indiana at Rutgers

Iowa at pen State

Maryland at Illinois

Purdue in ~ Wisconznjke.comn

Thursday, December 30 or Friday, December 31

Nebraska in ~ Michigan State

Northwestern at Minnesota

Friday, December 31

Ohio State in ~ Michigan

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Maryland in ~ Indiana

Rutgers at Purdue

Illinois in ~ Iowa

Monday, January 3

Penn State at Ohio State

Michigan State at Northwestern

Tuesday, January 4

Michigan in ~ Nebraska

Wednesday, January 5

Indiana at Wisconznjke.comn

Thursday, January 6

Illinois in ~ Ohio State

Minnesota at Rutgers

Northwestern at Iowa

Penn State at Maryland

Sunday, January 9

Iowa at Nebraska

Maryland at Minnesota

Ohio State in ~ Northwestern

Purdue in ~ Michigan State

Rutgers at Michigan

Wisconznjke.comn at Illinois

Wednesday, January 12

Michigan State in ~ Ohio State

Minnesota at Wisconznjke.comn

Thursday, January 13

Iowa at Purdue

Michigan at pen State

Nebraska in ~ Indiana

Northwestern at Illinois

Saturday, January 15

Ohio State in ~ Minnesota

Sunday, January 16

Illinois at penn State

Indiana in ~ Purdue

Michigan at Maryland

Nebraska at Iowa

Northwestern at Michigan State

Wisconznjke.comn at Rutgers

Wednesday, January 19

Michigan State in ~ Indiana

Thursday, January 20

Iowa at Minnesota

Maryland in ~ Ohio State

Penn State in ~ Northwestern

Purdue at Illinois

Rutgers at Nebraska

Wisconznjke.comn at Michigan

Sunday, January 23

Indiana at Iowa

Minnesota in ~ Michigan State

Nebraska in ~ Illinois

Northwestern in ~ Maryland

Ohio State at Rutgers

Penn State at Wisconznjke.comn

Monday, January 24




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Purdue at Michigan

Thursday, January 27

Illinois in ~ Indiana

Iowa in ~ Northwestern

Michigan at Ohio State

Michigan State at pen State

Minnesota in ~ Purdue

Rutgers at Maryland

Wisconznjke.comn at Nebraska

Sunday, January 30

Illinois in ~ Northwestern

Indiana in ~ Michigan

Maryland at penn State

Michigan State at Rutgers

Purdue in ~ Nebraska

Wisconznjke.comn in ~ Minnesota

Monday, January 31

Ohio State in ~ Iowa

Thursday, February 3

Iowa in ~ Wisconznjke.comn

Maryland at Michigan State

Michigan at Illinois

Minnesota at Indiana

Northwestern in ~ Purdue

Penn State in ~ Nebraska

Sunday, February 6

Illinois at Wisconznjke.comn

Iowa at Michigan

Michigan State at Minnesota

Nebraska in ~ Maryland

Northwestern at penn State

Purdue in ~ Indiana

Monday, February 7

Rutgers in ~ Ohio State

Wednesday, February 9

Wisconznjke.comn in ~ Maryland

Penn State in ~ Purdue

Thursday, February 10

Indiana at Illinois

Michigan at Michigan State

Minnesota at Iowa

Nebraska at Ohio State

Rutgers at Northwestern

Sunday, February 13,

Michigan in ~ Northwestern

Michigan State at Wisconznjke.comn

Penn State at Rutgers

Monday, February 14

Indiana in ~ Nebraska

Maryland at Iowa

Ohio State in ~ Illinois

Thursday, February 17

Illinois in ~ Purdue

Nebraska at penn State

Northwestern at Indiana

Ohio State at Maryland

Rutgers in ~ Minnesota

Sunday, February 20

Iowa in ~ Indiana

Maryland in ~ Michigan

Minnesota at Nebraska

Purdue at Rutgers

Wisconznjke.comn at Ohio State

Monday, February 21

Penn State at Michigan State

Wednesday, February 23

Nebraska in ~ Wisconznjke.comn

Thursday, February 24

Illinois at Minnesota

Iowa at Rutgers

Michigan State at Michigan

Purdue in ~ Northwestern

Friday, February 25 or Saturday, February 26

Indiana in ~ Maryland

Sunday, February 27

Michigan in ~ Iowa

Minnesota at penn State

Northwestern at Nebraska

Ohio State at Michigan State

Rutgers in ~ Illinois

Wisconznjke.comn at Purdue

Wednesday-Sunday, march 2-6

Big Ten tournament (Bankers Life Fieldhouse – Indianapolis, Ind.)

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Game Recap: Northwestern overcome Fairleigh Dickinson, begin Season 4-0

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