~ a conference consistent season as soon as favorite after favorite went down, the big Ten Tournament need to be a blast. First, Michigan State and also Purdue were co-favorites. Then it to be Iowa. Climate Maryland. Climate eventual big Ten consistent season champion Indiana. Those 5 teams make up the top 5 seeds in the tournament, and they all have multiple wins over other teams in the group.

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This need to be good.

This year"s tournament likewise has part potentially an extremely exciting matchups. Indiana and also Purdue, i m sorry played just once this season, could meet in the semifinals in the ultra-neutral site place of Indianapolis. Iowa-Purdue, Maryland-Michigan State, Indiana-Iowa, Wisconsin-Maryland and also Wisconsin-Michigan State space all potential matchups through the semifinals.

There"s additionally a lot of postseason intrigue in the tournament. Michigan might need to beat Northwestern in the first game on Thursday to do the NCAA Tournament, and the Wildcats have currently taken the Wolverines come the cable in Ann Arbor this year. Northwestern can need a win versus Michigan — and also maybe one an ext — to make the NIT.

The Format

Every large Ten team qualifies for the big Ten Tournament, but now the the conference has broadened to 14 teams, it"s a five-day event. The bottom four seeds play each various other on Wednesday (No. 14 Rutgers vs. No. 11 Nebraska and also No. 13 Minnesota vs. No. 12 Illinois). Those winners go on to confront No. 6 Wisconsin and No. 5 Iowa, respectively, on Thursday. No. 8 Michigan plays No. 9 Northwestern, and No. 7 Ohio State dram No. 10 pen State on Thursday, as well. No. 1 Indiana, No. 2 Michigan State, No. 3 Maryland and also No. 4 Purdue get twin byes.

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The Teams

1. Indiana2. Michigan State3. Maryland4. Purdue5. Iowa6. Wisconsin7. Ohio State8. Michigan9. Northwestern10. Pen State11. Nebraska12. Illinois13. Minnesota14. Rutgers

The Bracket

You have the right to see the entirety thing here. You have the right to stream the gamings at BTN2GO, WatchESPN or CBSSports.com.

Schedule and Results (all times Eastern)

Wednesday, in march 9 (First Round)

Game 1: No. 12 Illinois 85, No. 13 Minnesota 52Game 2: No. 11 Nebraska 89, No. 14 Rutgers 33

Thursday, in march 10 (Second Round)

Game 3: No. 8 Michigan 72, vs. No. 9 Northwestern 70Game 4: No. 12 Illinois 68, No. 5 Iowa 66Game 5: No. 7 Ohio State 79, No. 10 penn State 75Game 6: No. 11 Nebraska 70, No. 6 Wisconsin 58

Friday, in march 11 (Quarterfinals)

Game 7: No. 8 Michigan 72, No. 1 Indiana 69Game 8: No. 4 Purdue 89, No. 12 Illinois 58Game 9: No. 2 Michigan State 81, No. 7 Ohio State 54Game 10: No. 3 Maryland 97, No. 11 Nebraska 86

Saturday, march 12 (Semifinals)

Game 11: No. 4 Purdue 76, No. 8 Michigan 59Game 12: No. 2 Michigan State 64, No. 3 Maryland 61

Sunday, march 13 (Championship)

Game 13: No. 2 Michigan State vs. No. 4 Purdue (3 p.m., CBS)

* * *

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