Get to understand the Iowa-Michigan matchup, consisting of a look in ~ the series background between the two big Ten programs.

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Lucas Oil stadium is presented in Indianapolis, Indiana, top top Thursday, July 22. The huge Ten switched places from Chicago, Illinois, to Indianapolis this year.

The No. 13 Iowa soccer team (10-2 overall, 7-2 huge Ten) deals with off versus No. 2 Michigan (11-1, 8-1) in the huge Ten Championship video game in Indianapolis top top Saturday.

The matchup in between the large Ten West and also East champions will kick off at 7:17 p.m. In ~ Lucas Oil stadium on Saturday. The game will waiting on FOX. Both teams space seeking their first Big Ten Championships since 2004, once both programs tied for the conference title. Iowa is search its an initial outright large Ten championship since 1985.

Before the championship game, check up on some fast facts top top the Hawkeye-Wolverine matchup.

Iowa vs. Michigan series history

The Wolverines host a 42-15-4 all-time benefit in their collection over the Hawkeyes. The first game play in the series, a 28-5 Iowa win, took location in 1900.

Saturday is the fourth time the two groups will accomplish with Michigan ranked No. 2 in the country. On 2 of those occasions, Iowa won with walk-off ar goals. In 1985, the top-ranked Hawkeyes beat the second-ranked Wolverines, 12-10, at Kinnick Stadium. In the very first meeting in between Ferentz and Harbaugh as head coaches, Iowa knocked turn off No. 2 Michigan, 14-13, in Iowa City, many thanks to former Hawkeye Keith Duncan’s last-second kick.

Iowa is 1-1 versus Michigan during Harbaugh’s 7 years there.

Iowa has won five of the last seven meetings against Michigan. The teams were booked to play critical year during the big Ten’s “Champions Week,” however positive COVID-19 cases within the Wolverine program resulted in the game’s cancellation.

How Iowa would certainly compare to past champions

A big Ten West team has actually never won the large Ten Championship Game since the conference realigned front of the 2014 season. Ohio State has won the conference in five of the last seven seasons, including the last four. Michigan State (2015) and also Penn State (2016) space one-time winners that the large Ten Championship Game.

Iowa lost to Michigan State by 3 points in its only previous championship game appearance.

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Wisconsin (four times), Northwestern (twice), and Iowa (twice) have actually represented the West in the large Ten Championship Game due to the fact that the East-West styles were introduced. This is Michigan’s an initial time representing the East.

On four of seven occasions since 2014, the winner that the large Ten Championship game has unable to do on to make the university Football Playoff (Ohio State three times and Michigan State once). After beating Wisconsin in 2016, penn State went to the rose Bowl. Two continual season casualty prevented the Nittany Lions from going to the playoff. A comparable situation win in 2017 and also 2018, once the Buckeyes saw the Cotton and Rose Bowls ~ winning the conference title.

If Iowa to be to uncomfortable 10.5-point favorite Michigan, it would be the lowest scoring team to victory the large Ten title since 2014. The Hawkeyes room averaging 25.7 clues per game this season.

Of the past seven large Ten Champions, Michigan State in 2015 is the lowest-scoring team at 29.8 points every game. Pen State average 37.6 clues per game when it winner the title. Every Ohio State championship team since 2014 has scored at the very least 40 points every game. ~ above the other side, Iowa would have actually the second-best scoring defense the any large Ten champ in the span. Iowa is permitting 17.2 clues per game this season (ninth-best in the nation), which can only it is in topped by 2019 Ohio State (13.7 points per video game allowed.

Information because that a pilgrimage to Indianapolis

With kickoff set for 8:17 p.m. (ET) in between Iowa and Michigan, fans room invited to sign up with the national I-Club from 4:30-6:30 p.m. (ET) in ~ the Indiana Convention Center, roughly one block indigenous Lucas Oil Stadium. The large Ten Championship Hawkeye Huddle will include live DJ, concessions and cash refreshments, door prizes, Herky, the Iowa spirit Squads, and the Hawkeye Marching Band.

The Indiana Convention facility will additionally host the big Ten pan Fest.

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Iowa is encouraging fans to check which ar they room sitting in to coordinate if they need to wear black or gold to the game.