A thriller in Indianapolis ends v the Nittany Lions top top top. Now, castle wait, however the Playoff odds are versus them.

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Penn State to win Wisconsin in a wild big Ten Championship game on Saturday in Indianapolis, 38-31. The Nittany Lions stack up Wisconsin running earlier Corey Clement ~ above a fourth-and-1 v a minute to play, properly clinching the game and also the conference. Lock only had to operation out the clock afterward, and they did.


The man who obtained to Clement first? penn State defensive back Grant Haley, whose blocked kick return versus Ohio State ~ above Oct. 22 turned the end to decide the huge Ten East.

In victory, the Nittany Lions made a solid closing dispute to the university Football Playoff committee. They should at least obtain to No. 5 in the ranking, yet whether they gain into the four-team field might depend top top the committee’s watch of Clemson’s 42-35 win versus Virginia tech in the ACC title game. The likeliest outcome is the Clemson it s okay in and also Penn State doesn’t. Noþeles else would certainly be nice surprising.

Penn State can’t carry out worse than the rose Bowl, and the season’s a wrecking success no issue what. However Penn State’s Playoff fate won’t be known until Sunday afternoon, and also not getting into the ar would do this operation bittersweet. It just wouldn’t do it any kind of less impressive.

Maybe this game wasn’t a classic, however it to be at the very least in the neighborhood.

Wisconsin take it a 28-7 first-half lead, through Penn State occasionally looking spectacularly the end of sorts. But the Nittany Lions room a through-and-through second-half team, and also they fee back. A touchdown right before the fifty percent gave way to two more right after it, knotting the game at 28. Then the see-saw began to bounce.

Wisconsin re-took the lead through an Andrew Endicott field goal in the critical minute that the third quarter. Trace McSorley responded with a wheel course touchdown happen to Saquon Barkley just after the start of the fourth, providing Penn State its first lead the the night, 35-31. The Lions made it 38-31 on a ar goal, then acquired the avoid to seal it.

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The win completes a shocking, remarkable run v the large Ten for James Franklin’s Nittany Lions. Penn State to be widely expected to be simply so-so in 2016, and when the Nitts shed at Michigan, 49-10, to autumn to 2-2 in September, also that appeared generous. However Penn State didn’t lose again, high-pointing v a shocking win versus Ohio State and also clinching the huge Ten eastern on the continuous season’s critical day.

In defeat, not everything is shed for Wisconsin. That a disappointment, definitely, however the Badgers are still more than likely bound for a brand-new Year’s six bowl – likely the noodle or the Orange. Castle navigated a brutal schedule and came the end of it looking stronger than they had actually yet under Paul Chryst, and also their defense will certainly make lock a threat in whichever major bowl offers them a bid.

But the story here is pen State. The Nittany Lions did something the vast bulk of the college football people didn’t think they might do, and they did that in style.