College football championship weekend is in the books and the matchups for all 39 bowl gamings are out.Check the end the odds for all 39 bowl gamings in comparison come our proprietary power ratings.

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College football key season — a holiday gift come bettors far and vast — is around to begin.

With the key slate set, let’s dive into the grasp schedule, together with our projected allude spreads.

If you’re looking to get activity down right away, be certain to check out Collin Wilson’s breakdown of the opened bowl lines he currently bet.


2018 university Football key Schedule, Odds

Here space the bowl participants, along with the opening spread side-by-side v the what us think the line should be follow to our proprietary strength ratings.

You have the right to compare the two numbers to find betting value.

2018 college Football key Projections 

Below you’ll discover full key projections together of 1 a.m. ET ~ conference championship Saturday.

Want to see where your favorite team is going? every 39 bowl gamings are below, damaged up into three parts — college Football Playoff, the remainder of the new Year’s 6 bowls and everything else.

College Football new Year’s 6 Bowls Projections

Texas is instantly in the street Bowl since Oklahoma got a college Football Playoff spot, if Michigan goes to the Peach Bowl since Ohio State it s okay the increased Bowl spot.

Every various other 2018 Bowl game Projection

We’ve got much more bowl-eligible teams than spots. There are 82 after ~ Virginia Tech got to six wins by beating Marshall together a quick favorite on Saturday.

As for that gets left out, it’s anyone’s guess. Appropriate now, there room no spots for Wyoming, Miami Ohio, UL Monroe and Nevada.

Here room the rest of the bowl projections:

College Football key Tie-Ins because that 2018-19

College soccer Playoff

Cotton key semifinal (Arlington, Texas)Orange bowl semifinal (Miami)

New Year’s Six

Sugar (New Orleans): huge 12 vs. SECRose (Pasadena, Calif.): huge Ten vs. Pac-12Peach (Atlanta): At-large vs. At-largeFiesta (Glendale, Ariz.): At-large vs. At-large

The highest-ranked team of 5 team will go to either the Peach or Fiesta Bowl, relying on geography.

Every various other Bowl

BYU was an alleged to be tied come the Poinsettia Bowl, yet that no longer exists. The Cougars do have a address ESPN that assures they’ll beat in a bowl if eligible.

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Liberty has actually a address the cure Bowl, as well, but it can be hard for the Flames to gain to six qualifying wins — even if the Flames beat new Mexico State and Norfolk State, they’ll have actually two FCS wins, and only one counts toward the six-win threshold.

Citrus bowl (Orlando): SEC vs. ACC/Big TenOutback bowl (Tampa): big Ten vs. SECGator bowl (Jacksonville): SEC vs. ACC/Big TenHoliday bowl (San Diego): big Ten vs. Pac-12Liberty key (Memphis): large 12 vs. SECMilitary bowl (Annapolis): ACC vs. AmericanAlamo bowl (San Antonio): large 12 vs. Pac-12Arizona bowl (Tucson): hill West vs. Sunlight BeltCamping people Bowl (Orlando): large 12 vs. ACCSun key (El Paso): ACC vs. Pac-12Belk key (Charlotte): SEC vs. ACCMusic City key (Nashville): SEC vs. ACC/Big TenTexas bowl (Houston): large 12 vs. SECPinstripe key (New York City): huge Ten vs. ACCIndependence key (Shreveport, La.): SEC vs. ACCCactus key (Tempe): big 12 vs. Pac-12Quick Lane bowl (Detroit): large Ten vs. ACCHeart of Dallas Bowl: large Ten vs. Conference USASan Francisco Bowl: huge Ten vs. Pac-12Hawaii Bowl: hill West vs. Conference USADollar basic Bowl (Mobile): MAC vs. Sun BeltArmed pressures Bowl (Fort Worth): large 12 vs. AmericanBirmingham Bowl: SEC vs. AmericanPotato bowl (Boise): hill West vs. MACBahamas Bowl: Conference USA vs. MACGasparilla key (Tampa): American vs. Conference USAFrisco bowl (Texas): American vs. At-largeBoca Raton Bowl: American vs. Conference USANew olions Bowl: sun Belt vs. Conference USACure key (Orlando): American vs. Sunlight BeltCamellia key (Montgomery, Ala.): sun Belt vs. MACLas las vegas Bowl: Pac-12 vs. Mountain WestNew Mexico bowl (Albuquerque): mountain West vs. Conference USA