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GAME publication (PDF) | picture GALLERYBOISE, Idaho (March 12, 2021) – The No.1 seeded Idaho State Bengals met their in-state rival, the No. 2 seeded Idaho Vandals, in the big Sky Women"s Basketball Championship location game. The Bengals regulated the game from the start to insurance claim their fourth huge Sky competition title in regime history.

The Bengals and the Vandals met because that the third time this year after a continuous season collection split last month.

"We came out ~ above fire and also played impressive defense on height of some very strong offense, and also we were just excited to view it all come together," claimed Idaho State head coach Seton Sobolewski.

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The Vandals secured the opened tip-off, and also freshman Sydney Gandy drained a three-pointer to offer the Vandals very early 3-0 lead. Idaho State comment on their first possession and tied the game at 3-3 v a step-back three-pointer from tournament MVP Estefania Ors.

Beyonce Bea gave the Vandals the command again, v 9:14 staying in the opening period with a step-back 15-foot jumper to placed Idaho on optimal 5-3.

From that suggest on, it was every Bengals the remainder of the way. Ors fight a steering layup come tie the video game at 5-5, and then on the following possession, Ors uncovered pay dust again with an additional three-pointer to walk ahead 8-5 in ~ the 8:35 minute mark. Ors score 13 the the Bengals" very first 15 points.

ISU used two six allude runs in the opening duration to take it a double-digit 27-14 lead.

After a Vandals basket to start the 2nd period, Idaho State go on an eight-point run to jump the end to a 16 allude lead through 6:54 remaining in half. By the time the halftime buzzer sounded, Idaho had built their lead to 19 points, 44-25.

Ors led the Bengals through 17 points and was 6-of-7 native the field and a perfect 4-of-4 native three-point range. She additionally had three rebounds, an assist, and a steal.

Idaho"s top scorer in ~ the break to be Sydney Gandy, who had a high of eight points.

The Bengals opened the second half of play on a 10-2 run and didn"t look back.  ISU led by as many as 40 points late in the fourth period, however two buckets in the last two minutes by Idaho cut the result in 35 points.

Ors led the Bengals v 21 clues on 8-of-9 shooting from the field. She had four rebounds, four assists, and also three steals in today"s game.

Diaba Konate score 20 points for Idaho State when grabbing 4 boards, dishing out 2 assists, and recording 2 steals.

Bea finished together the top scorer for the Vandals with 14 points. She also included seven rebounds in the game.

Idaho State"s Ors, Callie Bourne, and Montana Oltrogge received all-tournament honors, v Ors being called the tournament MVP.

Idaho"s Sydney Gandy and Gabi Harrington also received all-tournament honors.

Northern Colorado"s Alisha Davis was called to the final spot top top the all-tournament team.

With today"s victory, Idaho State will receive the big Sky"s automatically bid right into the NCAA Tournament.  The selection show will certainly take location on Monday, march 15 in ~ 5:00 p.m. MT.

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