Who Is the huge Show?

The large Show’s genuine name is Paul Donald Wight II. He to be born top top February 8, 1972, in Aiken, south Carolina. The is one American actor and also professional wrestler who is at this time has a contract v WWE.

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When he was young, he had actually acromegaly, one endocrine disease that causes a who pituitary gland to develop too much growth hormone. Once he was 12, his elevation was 1.88m, his weight was 220 lbs, and also he already had chest hair. When he was 19, he play basketball at Wichita State University. At that time, he was currently 2.16m tall. At some time in the at an early stage 1990s, he had surgery to stop his illness.


After completing his studies, the big Show had various jobs, such together bounty hunting, answering calls, and bouncing. Throughout his work, he came throughout Danny Bonaduce, who presented him come Hulk Hogan. Hogan to be impressed so he introduced the huge Show to Eric Bischoff, the vice chairman of the civilization Champion Wrestling. Indigenous there, the huge Show began his skilled wrestling career.

Apart from being a well known WWE wrestler, the huge Show is likewise an actor. The has appeared in movies like Star Trek: Enterprise and also MacGruber. Furthermore, he is the key spotlight on The big Show Show on Netflix. This film is a fictional variation of his life, including his wife and daughters.

Who Are big Show’s Wives?

The large Show to be married twice in his lifetime. Let’s gain to know much more about the women who were critical part of the wrestler’s life.

Melissa Ann Piavis ( February 1997 come February 2002)

The an initial wife the the big Show was Melissa Ann Piavis. They met in 1995 and got married top top valentine’s work in 1997. However, the gained separated in 2000 and their divorce was finalized in February 2002. They have one daughter named Cierra Wight, who was born on October 2, 1997. Cierra visited the college of West Florida and currently graduate this year. 

Melissa Ann Piavis to be born on might 30, 1966. Prior to she became big Show’s wife, she regulated the wrestles team of her high school, Sprayberry High School, Georgia. She is likewise known come hold twin citizenship in Greece and also the united States. According to her social media account, Melissa has actually remarried yet there space no details the whom she husband is.

Bess Katramados (February 2002 to Present)

Just after five days the his divorce through Melissa, the big Show married his second wife, Bess Katramados. She is a model, fitness trainer, promoter, and also homemaker who stays in Miami, Florida. They have two children and have been together ever since.

Bess Katramados to be born top top July 13, 1970, in Ilinois. Before she met the big Show, she was a model who landing contracts with little companies in her hometown. As soon as she got married, she determined to end up being her husband’s personal trainer. Bess prefers to store her personal life private and also currently go not have a society media account.

Who Are big Show’s Children?


Big show has one daughter through his very first wife Melissa Ann and also two children with his 2nd wife, Bess.

Cierra Wight

Cierra Wight was born top top October 2, 1997, in Florida. She is the daughter of Paul Donald Wight II and also Melissa Ann Piavis. She is currently 21 year old and just i graduated from the university of West Florida. She is now 21 year old and aspires to be a famous actress and also wrestler. She does not have any social media accounts so over there is only a little information about her. She has actually two half-siblings from she father’s second marriage.

His kids With Bess


The large Show and also Bess have actually two youngsters – one son and one daughter. They execute not share any information about their kids, also their names. Over there are pictures though in society media account showing huge Show with his children. In Netflix’s The large Show Show, the names of his youngsters are Lola, Mandy, and J.J.

Is The large Show Retiring indigenous Wrestling?

According to the large Show, he has actually no plan of retiring any kind of time soon. He proceeds to love his job and also he stated in an interview the he just signed a brand-new contract and still has a few years left. However, he likewise stated the he will certainly be reevaluating his career condition by the finish of 2020.

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In his rings career, the big Show has earned a many accomplishments. These encompass the following:

1996 Rookie that the Year in pro Wrestling Illustrated1996 Wrestler that the Year in pro Wrestling IllustratedTwo-time WCW civilization Heavyweight ChampionThree-time WCW people Tag Team ChampionTwo-time WWE ChampionThree-time WWE Hardcore ChampionWWE United claims ChampionWWE Intercontinental Champion

Furthermore, together of today, the big Show has an estimated net worth of $20 million.