Heart-stopping activity and excitement

Get your thrills going end 67mph top top the world’s first coaster to function a 180-degree “heartline” twist and dive maneuver and also 203ft drop, providing an ext than 1.4 million riders v heart-stopping activity and excitement every year.

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Reserve your entry time! To manage capacity boundaries and provide a an excellent experience top top The large Apple Coaster we have timed ticket entry. You re welcome reserve in development for a wanted date and also time. Entry time is great for the 2-hour window selected. Must be in line 30 minutes prior to entry time ending.

Must it is in 54” without footwear to ride. Hours of operation are subject to weather conditions and also other circumstances which may suspend service.

Mon - Thu 11:00 am - 11:00 PM

Fri - sun 11:00 to be - Midnight

Temporary Closure December 6 - December 23, 2021

Ticket sales may be minimal at any time as result of capacity limitations.

Must be 54" come ride. Hrs of procedure are subject to weather conditions and also other scenarios which may suspend service.


Regular RideMon - sun (11am-6pm): $19Mon - Sun(6pm-Close): $23


Scream PassAll work ride pass and $2 turn off 5x7 photoMon - sunlight (1p-9p): $35

Family Fun flight for Four4 separation, personal, instance ride passes & 2 5x7 close increase photosMon - sunlight (1p-9p): $89

Vegas Locals RideMon - sun (1p-9p): $14Fri, satellite & sun (9p-Midnight): $18Valid NV I.D. Required.

Military and very first Responder Discount**Mon - sunlight (1p-9p): $14Fri, satellite & sun (9p-Midnight): $18**up come 4 passes per army ID (active/retired)

Coaster n" Cocktails Package1 Coaster Pass and also a $15 Arcade CreditFri, Sat, sun (9p-Midnight): $30

For Arcade and Coaster package options, click here.

Weddings on The CoasterThinking about taking the plunge? Why not perform it in ~ 67 mph...Have your wedding ceremony at the many exhilarating venue.

For additional details or to book your Roller Coaster wedding please call 702.740.6616



The large Apple Coaster

Walking Directions

Self-Park - south Garage

Take the walkway from the south Garage and also go towards the Casino. Take the conference Room Hallway and also walk about to the phibìc Garage enntrance gate to the Casino. Go v the conference Room Doors and also take a right. Follow the signs for the big Apple Coaster – this will certainly be located on your left next to Nathan’s well known Hotdogs.

Self-Park - phibìc Garage

Take the walkway indigenous the north Garage with to the large Apple Coaster - this will certainly be situated on your left next to Nathan’s famed Hotdogs.

Front Desk

If girlfriend are dealing with the front Desk, go best towards the Century Elevators. Walk up the set of escalators in the direction of Nathan’s well known Hotdogs. Once off the escalator come the left the Nathan’s will be the big Apple Coaster.

Hours of Operation

Mon - ThuFri - Sun
11:00 to be - 11:00 PM
11:00 to be - 12:00 AM

Temporary Closure

December 6 - December 23, 2021

Phone Number



Must it is in 54" to ride. Hours of procedure are subject to weather conditions and other scenarios which might suspend service. *Dynamic pricing applies during height periods.

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The big Apple Arcade

Got Game?

Come check your skills at The huge Apple Arcade! We have some that the latest video & arcade games and also some classics such as Skee-Ball, air Hockey, and NBA Fever! lug the family, or an obstacle your friends come a trusted competition.

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Guest Services

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