LOOK: Driver Survives ~ Pickup Truck's Cab Sheared off By large Rig In OxnardThe driver the the pickup truck stays in secure condition, after ~ sustaining serious injuries in the Wednesday morning crash, follow to Oxnard police Officer Manuel Perez.

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Big Rig Crash closes 210 Freeway In Lake view TerraceA crash involving a large rig top top the eastern 210 Freeway at Osborne Street has traffic closed in both directions.

4 Killed, 1 hurt In Lancaster-Area huge Rig CrashA black vehicle was left top top the next of the road with its engine compartment crushed, and its trunk mangled. Throughout the road, the huge rig’s cab showed up to have been ripped from the trailer and was left top top its side.

Big Rig Overturns top top 710 change Road to 405 Freeway In CarsonThe crash occurred at around 10:35 a.m., on the northbound 710 Freeway connector come the southbound 405 Freeway. The driver to be able to obtain out the the cab, yet suffered some injuries, follow to the California Highway Patrol.

Diesel Fuel, acid Spills into Lanes of Northbound 5 Freeway In La MiradaThe crash between a big rig and also a sedan occurred at around 10:15 a.m. Top top the southbound 5 Freeway in ~ Valley view Avenue. Debris flew into the northbound lanes, and also the CHP reported the semi was leaking fuel native the collision.

1 injured In large Rig Crash top top 5 Freeway In Santa ClaritaThe crash happened about 7:50 p.m. Top top Newhall Ranch roadway over the 5 Freeway, according to the California Highway Patrol.
Big Rig Crash closes 118 Freeway close to 5 Freeway change RoadThe eastbound 118 Freeway to be closed near San Fernando Wednesday afternoon after ~ a large rig lost control and also crashed into an embankment.
Pilot killed After plane Crashes Into large Rig In mountain PedroThe pilot, identified by the Los Angeles county coroner as 53-year-old Larry Voit of Gardena, was claimed dead at the scene.
CHP: SUV Cutting off Freightliner May have actually Caused large Rig come Overturn on 10 Freeway In Baldwin ParkThe crash was very first reported at around 8:30 a.m. And also left a freightliner sprawled across multiple lanes, follow to the California Highway Patrol.
Person Killed, CHP Officer hurt In large Rig Crash top top 5 Freeway In Castaic AreaA big rig crashed turn off the side of the northbound 5 Freeway in the Castaic area Monday, leaving one human being dead and also a California Highway Patrol officer injured.
Big Rig Overturns On shift Road from 10 to 5 Freeway In Boyle HeightsThe crash that left the big rig on its side to be reported simply after 6 a.m. ~ above the connector roadway from the 10 Freeway to the northbound 5 Freeway, follow to the California Highway Patrol.
3 killed In large Rig Crash top top Southbound 57 Freeway In PomonaThe crash occurred at about 3:30 a.m. Close to the temple Avenue exit of the southbound 57 Freeway. Images from the scene proved the wreckage of a red SUV wedged underneath the ago of a big rig’s trailer.
Big Rig Overturns on 5 Freeway In sun Valley after Driver do the efforts To prevent Hitting person In LanesThe crash left the huge rig’s trailer detached indigenous the cab and also at one angle across the left lanes the the freeway.
Woman killed In Sylmar Crash Involving large Rig, Homeland security VehicleThe crash was reported in ~ 8 a.m. In the southbound lanes that the 5 Freeway at Roxford Street, according to the California Highway Patrol.
'It's A cost-free Country': male Threatens TSA Agent's Life, litter Checkpoint Stanchion, Strips naked & Performs Lewd Act, dues StateTowers accused told one TSA employee that he to be going to "kill" them. Officers gave him commands to stop and also move away from the checkpoint, which he did not abide. The charges state that's when Towers was Tasered.
Dog v Incurable Cancer Showered through Love native Community: 'It's going To be A huge Loss'“I heard the news online that Sparkle to be diagnosed with cancer and after having actually a good cry with my partner I just thought, simply say hi, that felt favor the ideal thing to do," said Joe Szafarowicz, a neighborhood who quit by to pay a distinct visit.

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Mayor Accused the Posting Revenge porn On Reddit, Charged v 50 CountsCharging records allege Bradshaw made multiple account on Reddit, a neighborhood forum website, v usernames that had the name and also birthday the the victim, a woman formerly in a partnership with him.