Who castle Are

New York City rats room of The Norway Rat, or “brown” rat, variety. The typical brown rat is 16 inch long and also weighs 1 pound, though some do flourish to 20 inches and also weigh 2 pounds. They normally require just 1 ounce, or 28 grams, the food and also water each day to live.

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What lock Do

These rats’ abilities encompass squeezing through holes the size of a quarter, leaping 4 feet sideways, fall 5 stories without injury, treading water for 3 days (adult rats), and chewing with pipes and cinder block.

NYC’S interactive RAT details PORTAL

Where To find Them

New York City rats choose to burrow, nest, and also hide in soft dirt at ground level or below, and also live in colonies, or family members of 30 come 50 rats v 9 come a burrow. These rats will certainly live in between 100 and 400 feet from their food source, and also in their life time will hardly ever travel more than 600 feet from where they room born.

You can uncover out an ext about brand-new York City’s population at theNYC Rat details Portal.

A Rapidly growing Species

In new York City, the rat population is around 25% the dimension of human populace – that’s around 2 million rats! Brown rats live for about 1 year. They begin mating at 2 or three months old, and also produce litters of about a dozen “pups” every 2 months. Recently, the rat infestation has grown even faster than typical due to spending plan reductions and wasteful food disposal.

A health Concern


New York City rats bring pathogens that cause serious illness in humans, specifically children, consisting of bacteria that cause food poisoning, like Salmonella and also E. Coli, and pathogens that reason serious and sometimes fatal fevers and also viruses. Additionally rats carry fleas, lice, and mites that reason serious disease for human beings too, and increased exposure come rodent hair, droppings and urine can lead to greater risk the allergies and also asthma. Disease is spread out when people or their pets come into contact with rat saliva, urine, or feces.

The battle On Rats

Current Climate

Rat infestation is a serious and widespread concern in the brand-new York subway area!

In 2014, pet Planet named brand-new York the “Worst Rat City in the World” and also rodentologist Bobby Corrigan dubbed the city “USA’s No. 1 Pestropolis”

As freshly as 2013, an ext than 11,000 inspections citywide failed for energetic rat indications (ARS) – that’s almost 12% of every initial inspections made on across the 5 boroughs

Conditions that contribute to the rat infestation include buildup of garbage, waste material, and also water, and also garbage the is not maintained in tightly spanned rat-resistant trash can be ~ – all of which space commonplace in brand-new York City

Initiatives against Infestation

New York City and also its surrounding locations have sustained this serious rat infestation for also long!

According to the department of Health, rodent baiting is an effective way to wipe out rats in the city

Mayor de Blasio has recently operated to enhance the situation, advertising a “War top top Rats” and also rolling out a successful $400,000 rodent regulate pilot regimen in 7 neighborhoods. Because its start, these neighborhoods saw about an 80 come 90 percent to decrease in rat sightings

The City of brand-new York now prepares implementation the the $3 million citywide expansion of this successful rat extermination pilot program




The Solution: Ekomille

Rat Trap, Inc. Is an innovative and efficient system of rodent control. Unlike other conventional attempts to combat the farming rat populace in brand-new York City and also the greater new York area – consisting of the use of attention traps, pesticides, and poisons – Rat Trap, Inc. Is a device that poses no danger to public health or the environment.

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The system entails an electromechanical machine that attracts rat and mice with herbal feed and also other food substances as opposed to artificial and potentially harmful bait.

Controls spread of Diseases

The rodents are trapped in ~ the mechanism and their carcasses room isolated within, staying clear of the spread of contagious disease

Tested & Proven

Rat Trap, Inc.’s system has actually been used in Europe for an ext than 10 years, and also able to trap as numerous as 80 rats every month

Flexible Usage

Rat Trap, Inc.’s mechanism have the right to be supplied safely and also effectively indoors or outdoors, and can it is in floor-mounted or suspended. One-of-a-kind accessories additional ensure confidentiality, security, and ease that positioning

Ensures safety for 1) people, 2) non-targeted animals, and 3) the environmentSAFE, HYGENIC, and ECOLOGICALLY SOUND!