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buy it Jessica Parker checked out on the collection of "And as with That..." top top July 14, 2021. James Devaney/GC Images/Getty photos on January 10, former "Sex and also the City" star buy it Jessica Parker, in addition to other actors members, post a teaser trailerfor the next installment in the series on Instagram.

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Immediately, longtime fans were quick to share their excitement because that the brand-new installment, v Parker"s write-up alone receiving over 1 million likes in much less than 24 hours.

"We have some new stories to tell," Parkerwrote top top Instagram. "We are excited."

So far, Parker has actually been spotted sporting multiple Carrie Bradshaw-esque looks on the set of the show"s reboot.

Cynthia Nixon will be reprising her role as that company lawyer Miranda Hobbes.


sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon viewed filming "And just like That..." top top July 9, 2021. James Devaney/GC Images/Getty pictures

Nixon, who received a gold Globe nomination for best supporting actress in Netflix"s "Ratched," will be return to the reboot, she announced on society media.

"Anything is possible. This is new York," she captioned a tweet that the trailer for "Just like That..."

Since the original show aired, Nixon has ongoing to plot while being energetic in politics. A member that the brand-new York thing of the autonomous Socialists that America, Nixon ran versus Governor Andrew Cuomo in new York"s democratic primary election in 2018. Despite she lost the primary, she has remained a staunch figure in gradual politics.

Kristin Davis will be returning to the role of Charlotte York-Goldenblatt.


Kristin Davis is viewed on the collection of "And just like That" top top July 12, 2021. Gotham/GC Images/Getty pictures

Davis played the duty of brand-new York gallerist Charlotte York-Goldenblatt in all six periods of the show and in the two feature films.

Not much is known about her character"s arc in the reboot. However, it can likely it is in assumed that her story will pick up wherein the last movie left off as she raises her two daughters, Lily and Rose, v her husband, take care of Goldenblatt.

Davis was spotted on the collection of the show"s reboot wade a French bulldog, hinting that her Cavalier King Charles spaniel native the initial series, Elizabeth Taylor, will certainly not it is in making an appearance.

While Parker, Nixon, and Davis space returning to their iconic roles, Kim Cattrall, that played sex-positive publicist Samantha Jones, is not. In an interview with TVLine in February, HBO Max"s chief contents officer, Casey Bloys, explained how the present would deal with Cattrall"s absence.

"Just as in actual life, world come into your life, civilization leave," Bloys said. "Friendships fade, and brand-new friendships start. So i think the is all very indicative that the actual stages, the actual stages of life."


chris Noth is viewed at the film set of the "And as with That." Jason Howard/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty images

"I"m dazzling to it is in working v Chris again ~ above "And as with That…"" executive producer Michael Patrick King said in a statement, The Hollywood Reporter report in May. "How could we ever before do a brand-new chapter the the "Sex and the City" story there is no our Mr. Big?"

Noth play the duty of Carrie"s emotionally do not have love interest in all six periods of the original show and also in both the the function films.

In August, he to be spotted on collection alongside sarah Jessica Parker, especially not attract a wedding band.

Rumors have swirled because that weeks around the fate that Mr. And also Mrs. Preston after ~ a section of the show"s script was report on by web page Six. The leaked pages make it show up as though the couple"s marital relationship was top top the rocks or end entirely.

man Corbett. Emma McIntyre/Getty images for Celebrity struggle Night

Corbett appeared throughout three seasons of the six-season show, in enhancement to the 2nd "Sex and also the City" movie.

"I"m going to do the show," Corbett, 59, told web page Six in April.

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"I think I might be in rather a few . Ns likeall those people,they"ve been really nice to me."

However, despite seemingly confirming he would certainly be in the reboot, Corbett has actually yet come be watched on collection or official announced together a cast member by HBO Max . Maybe Aidan"s return will be a full surprise to viewers or, perhaps much more likely, that won"t actually be in the reboot at all.