If girlfriend are searching for an elegant and easy method to brighten a dining room, add a mirror to the room. Depending on the dimension of her dining room, table, and chairs, girlfriend will desire to choose an accordingly sized mirror. We researched just how the size and placement of a winter transform the lighting and ambiance of your dining room and also eating experience. Check out on to learn useful home decor tips making use of mirrors because that a innovative dining room.

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Mirrors space a practical and also aesthetically pleasing accessory often found in entryways, hallways, and bedrooms. A dining room is wonderful place to hang a mirror or two. Not just will a mirror placed parallel to a chandelier or home windows amplify the light, but it provides a room appear grander in size. The course, there space some design rules worth following when including a mirror to a dining room:

Place a mirror so that is at eye-level once standingHang larger, horizontally-oriented mirrors to do a room appear an ext spaciousDon’t have actually a winter oriented for this reason diners view themselves eatingPlace winter so they reflect herbal light or currently fixturesDon’t forget to think about what objects space reflected in the mirrorHang your mirror in a safe manner

Mirrors space a an excellent accent piece to have in her home and look regal when paired v a dining room table and also chairs. Proceed reading to learn just how to stylishly pair a mirror in her dining area through confidence.

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Dining Room mirror Decor


Not only does a beautiful mirror add a visually satisfaction touch to a dining room, yet it has helpful benefits follow to Feng Shui. The is believed that a mirror have to be hung in a dining room in one auspicious direction to boost wealth and also ‘energetically double’ her food.

When placing a mirror, you may want to hang it so that is on the wall nearest to her dining table. Another good location is throughout from a window where natural sunlight streams through. Discover thoughtful means to emphasize your winter by setting candles of differing heights or tree in former of the reflective surface. Include a curated selection of artwork or wall surface sconces adjacent to the mirror for a sophisticated focal point. There are plenty of an excellent ideas to use when hanging a winter in the dining room.

Eye-Level Height

Unless you are hanging a mirror that is as big as the wall on which the is mounted, make sure to keep it at eye-level. It may be unnerving for dinners to watch themselves reflected eating in a mirror, for this reason test the end your mirror’s placement before committing. Ideally, the is a good practice to keep a mirror positioned so that is anywhere between 57 and 65 inches over the floor.


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Elongate A Room

Take a big mirror v a painted vintage-style or rustic wood structure and set it against a wall surface in a small dining room with a farmhouse or boho decor. Ar a framed or fragmented huge mirror for this reason it has an asymmetrical balance when placed against one side of a wall surface in an industrial or modern dining room. You can instantly make a room show up spacious and also intriguing v a huge mirror, particularly when it mirrors a picturesque view.


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Dine In Comfort

Mirrors room a welcome home decor interval akin to rugs, as these aspects naturally emit a comforting vibe and also make a room feel more inviting. Present off a group of nested winter in various styles and also sizes for an eye-catching display screen on a dining room wall. Winter of various sizes and also styles hanging top top a wall surface can reflect candles, plants, artwork, and light fixtures. Using smaller sized mirrors or an ext concealed mirrors can avoid the uncomfortable vision of see oneself eating once at who else’s home.

Amplify Light

Placing mirrors strategically in a dining room naturally increase the light. Create a stunning ambiance by hanging mirrors throughout from a sunny home window or record the reflective glint the a sparkling chandelier. Ar mirrors for this reason they reflect the soft, romantic light of candle peppered transparent the room. All varieties of dining rooms native those with boho, modern, and industrial decor have the right to all benefit from this technique.

Objects In Reflection

Be mindful of every little thing objects space in prior of a mirror and the see that will be reflected in the dining room. You want everything in the winter to increase positive energy and create a serene environment for anyone eat or enjoy it conversation over the dinner table. A mirror that deals with the seaside, mountains, or a stunning aerial see of skyscrapers in the background gives the illusion the a wide-open spacious room.


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Safety In Design

When hanging a mirror, make certain to use adequate tools to store it secure and also in place. Be cautious around leaning a large mirror unsecured versus a wall surface across native a dining room table. If needed, acquire assistance once hanging a heavy mirror or to ensure it is in ~ eye-level.

Where must A Dining Room mirror Go?

There space some key areas to hang a dining room winter that instantly readjust its look. Consider the following tips:

Hang her mirror above a console or mantle.Place a series of little mirrors in a cluster surrounded by artwork, candles, or irradiate fixtures.Add one extra-large mirror to the center or off-sides top top a wall directly across from the table for drama.Set a mirror at eye-level or over so it reflects a chandelier, window, or a visually interesting focal point.

How High should A winter Be Hung In The Dining Room?

You will want to hang your mirror about 57 to 65 inches over the floor. Place a winter at this elevation ensures it sit at eye level when standing and doesn’t reflect diners if eating. A cluster of mirrors in differing sizes deserve to be nested together and placed at varying heights is a flattering alternative. Keep in mind that mirrors should only reflect satisfied views and also increase the light without hitting world in the eyes since of a glare from irradiate fixtures or the sun.

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If friend don’t want to put holes in her walls, take a look at this overview to learn how To placed Mirrors On walls Without Nails.

Can friend Use much more Than One winter In The Dining Room?

Yes, it is agree to hang more than one winter in the dining room. Execute be careful when hanging multiple mirrors so a wall surface doesn’t look at cluttered. Treat mirrors that are the same size come look favor a single unit as soon as placing it on a wall. If using much more than one mirror, you need to stick to hanging them every on the same wall.

How carry out You Decorate A winter In The Dining Room?

Surround a winter in a dining room with attractive houseplants, indoor trees, artwork, candles, or lights. Once you are hanging one oversized winter in a space, it can stand alone, even if it is it has a decorative structure or is minimalistic or understated in design. Include kitschy farmhouse decor, nautical-themed accessories, or classic home decor items depending on your aesthetic taste.

In Closing

You deserve to easily and naturally amplify the an excellent points of an attractive dining room by utilizing the reflective nature of a mirror. Stagger a nested cluster of eclectic mirrors on one wall to develop visual interest. Make certain to cave a winter or collection of mirrors on one designated wall so diners feeling intrigued and also not surrounded. Little dining rooms can appear larger as soon as you cave a dramatic, overlapping mirror throughout from the dining room table.

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Be careful about where you hang your winter so it is in ~ eye-level and also doesn’t light light into anyone’s eyes as soon as seated at the dining table. A mirror is one inexpensive, impressive means to transform the energy and also look of a dining room therefore it shows up grander in size, and also emits a chic, sophisticated look.