“Will the real Jan Brady Please was standing Up?” (Season 2, illustration 15)

Jan hating being january is always a group pleaser and this 1971 episode gives us the troubled middle child and also her fabulous wig. And, through the way, why didn’t the show ever carry Peter’s awesomely lovestruck Margie Whipple back? Bonus for TV pan — The Bob Newhart Show‘s Marcia Wallace sells jan the wig.

“The Personality Kid” (Season 3, illustration 6)

Who doesn’t love “pork chops and applesauce”? That’s the iconic phrase from this 1971 episode where Peter, thinking he has actually no personality, decides to steal one from movie legend Humphrey Bogart.

“The Honeymoon” (Season 1, episode 1)

Did you forget how The Brady Bunch began? The 1969 pilot episode will clue you in how these two (Mike and Carol) created this mixed family.

“Cyrano de Brady” (Season 4, illustration 6)

In this 1972 episode, Peter just wants to impress Carrie Hathaway yet when his tongue it s okay tied one too plenty of times, he enlists the aid of “old silver- tongue” Greg to assist woo her… and also the setup backfires!

“My Sister’s Shadow” (Season 3, episode 10)

By Season 3, Jan was seriously over older sisters Marcia, who just seemed come do whatever better. This episode also brought united state the notorious Jan line, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.”

“Fright Night” (Season 4, illustration 6)

In 1972’s Halloween episode, the children get punished for play tricks top top each other — yet Mom and Dad never said anything around playing a trick on unsuspecting Alice!

“The topic Was Noses” (Season 4, episode 18)

“Oh, my nose!” But, come on, after ~ Marcia ditches sweet Charlie for large man ~ above campus Doug Simpson (as if!) in this 1973 ep, her nose ends increase on the receiving finish of Peter and Bobby’s football. Serves her right!

“Goodbye, Alice, Hello” (Season 4, episode 10)

In this 1972 episode, Alice unknowingly it s okay the children in trouble with their parents, and after they give her the cold shoulder, she quits. Of course, she doesn’t remain away long.

“Father that the Year” (Season 1, illustration 14)

In this 1970 episode, Marcia wants to enter her new father in the local newspaper’s father of the Year contest yet has come lie and also get in problem without speak what she’s doing. A tender moment in the finish will have actually you grabbing the tissues.

“Amateur Night” (Season 4, illustration 16)

It’s a Sunshine Day, indeed! In this 1973 episode, the kids want come buy Mom and also Dad an expensive silver- platter for their anniversary therefore they go on a TV present to win a cash prize. Will certainly they pull it off?

It’s a Sunshine Day, don’t ya think?

On June 4, it definitely will be since that’s as soon as CBS and Paramount Home video release The Brady-est Brady Bunch TV and also Movie Collection ~ above DVD. The epos 31-disc collection includes all 5 seasons of the original series, The Brady Bunch, and also the 3 spinoff series, the man The Brady Kids (1972-74) and (making your DVD debut) real-life The Brady Brides (1981) and the franchise’s effort at going dramatic, The Bradys (1990).

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Get a sneak peek within the groovalicous remodeling of the above "70s home with the original "Brady Bunch" cast.

Then there space the movies, including TV movie A very Brady Christmas (1988) and also theatrical hits The Brady Bunch Movie and also A an extremely Brady Sequel. Plus, there’s the 2002 TV-movie special Gary Cole and also Shelley long reprising their big-screen Mike and also Carol Brady in The Brady Bunch in the White House (2002).

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Last yet not least, the DVD set also contains the 2000 TV docu-film, Growing increase Brady. (Unfortunately, the ripe episodes the aired from the 1976-77 selection series, The Brady Bunch Hour, did no make the cut…we presume since of music rights.)

But, through all the sequels and spinoffs (the HGTV show, A really Brady Renovation, is comes this fall) the original 1969-1974 collection is what began it every and, since not every episode is easily accessible on streaming, this DVD collection is your saving grace come all things Brady.

In the over gallery, we’ve labored long and hard to come up with the 10 must-see episodes of the lovely series. Inspect out our picks and also if us missed your favorite episode, you re welcome leave us a comment below. Favor The Brady Bunch, this post could watch sequels!

Pick up your copy of The Brady-est Brady Bunch TV and also Movie Collection where you buy your DVDs!

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