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In 1992, brothers Aro & Allen Agakhanyan opened up their an initial pizzeria in Los Angeles while they to be both attending high school. Castle toiled for number of years come prove their pizza restaurant ide was unique and different indigenous the national pizza brands. Not just did lock recreate the timeless pizzeria with a “cool” southern California feel, however they additionally expanded the dimension of your pizzas come fit the demands of your guests. Their initial pizza size was a 28” pizza that you could order through your an option of toppings. However it soon became noticeable that in order to feeding the really huge appetites of their customers, the big Papa (36” in diameter) to be born. Yet Aro and also Allen Agakhanyan were not satisfied also then, for this reason they presented the gigantic Sicilian i beg your pardon was and also is the largest deliverable pizza in the world. The large Sicilian (54” X 54”) and also is in the Guinness people Record Book.

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The Agakhanyan Brothers continued to improve the BMPP brand with the addition of creative Southern California assets like the Egg Gondola Pizza, big Mama’s Slice, Pastas, fresh Salads and Appetizers. Today, BMPP Pizzerias have come to be the location for family and friends to gain both lunch and also dinner. The initial BMPP restaurant was only 500 square feet. Today, the freshly opened BMPP restaurant situated in Glendale, C.A. Is roughly 2000 square feet and future plans speak to for every new franchise location to be between 2000-3000 square feet offering Dine-in, Carryout and also Delivery

Since your humble beginning in 1992 in Los Angeles, C.A., BMPP Restaurants have grown to incorporate 17 agency and Franchisee locations throughout Los Angeles County and has come to be a formidable contender to the huge national pizza chains through a mix of giving high high quality food ingredients, a range of added menu items, their among a kind big pizza offerings, their emphasis on top quality food ingredients and also their commitment to the highest level of client service and also delivery options.

BMPP is a genuine pizzeria restaurant, not just a distribution pizza chain. Future restaurant areas will be bigger footprints featuring seating for 40-75 persons, re-introducing the idea that Pizzerias space back, and also that family members and huge groups have the right to experience an excellent food, together.

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BMPP’s delivery vehicles (Smart dare fitted through special insulated roof racks for this reason they can deliver the gigantic 54” x 54” Sicilian Pizza) reinforces the brand’s emphasis on the customer, the environment and provides BMPP a really “Southern California Cool” publicly persona. Involved us and enjoy, or us will involved you, v a high top quality product that is fresh, hot and delicious.

BMPP is definitely “Southern California Cool” as observed by 43 million viewers who watched the live transfer of the 2014 Oscar’s when host Ellen DeGeneres handed out big Mama’s and also Papa’s pizza slices come Hollywood A-List stars Harrison Ford, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio & others