Created by David E. Kelley and also based ~ above the novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty, the HBO series "Big little Lies" complies with a killing case among the wealthy ar of Monterey, California, concentrating on the perspective of the mothers in the ar — Madeline (Reese Witherspoon), Celeste (Nicole Kidman), mrs (Shailene Woodley), Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz), and also Renata (Laura Dern). The second season dives into the results of the Season 1 disclose of that died and also who walk the killing.

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The collection premiered its very first season in February 2017 to lot acclaim and popularity, also earning chin a slew of golden Globes and Emmys the adhering to award season. With every one of that hopeful attention, that seemed organic for HBO to move forward through a 2nd season, even though "Big small Lies" was originally intended to be a miniseries. The show"s 2nd season, i beg your pardon saw much of the star-studded cast returning to reprise their roles, premiered in June 2019.

With a second season that was additionally well-received — and also proved the the story could continue past its one-book source material — fans have been wonder if there"s a 3rd season ~ above the horizon for "Big small Lies." Well, a Season 3 has actually not been officially confirmed yet, but it also hasn"t been totally shot down. In fact, numerous of the key players connected have opened up up about the season possibly happening. Here"s what we know so far around a possible Season 3.

Without official confirmation native HBO the Season 3 is absolutely a go, it"s difficult to speculate exactly when the season can premiere. Just over two years passed in between the very first two seasons, but, sadly, that will certainly be a longer wait between Season 2 and a potential Season 3. Since Season 3 isn"t also in the early on stages yet, the timeline is totally up in the air.

The show"s creator, David E. Kelley, gave an interview with TV heat at the beginning of this year and confirmed that, if a 3rd season happens, it"ll likely be a little of a wait due to scheduling conflicts among the very sought-after lead stars the the show. Kelley called TV Line, "Nicole it s her has about five jobs backed up. Reese is equally as busy. Zoë is Catwoman — and that"s just the beginning. All are very busy. Yet we so love the show and also the characters, for this reason none of united state have given up ~ above the idea of happen the band back together."

Kelley, reasonably, to be unable come give even a dangerous timeline, rather only acknowledging that an additional season, if it happened, would be "down the road."

Along with the five women in ~ the center of "Big Little Lies," the very first two seasons have actually featured the likes of Adam Scott, Alexander Skarsgård, and also James Tupper as few of the main characters" husbands. Season 2 even brought in renowned actor Meryl Streep in the function of Celeste"s mother-in-law. As for the leads, several of the main actresses have talked openly about wanting to return.

Nicole Kidman said TV Line, "I would favor there to be . There are so many great stories to tell and also I am open up to all the various horizons. Us all love every other and want to occupational together. We"re deeply intertwined now." Meanwhile, ET virtual reported on one Instagram Live conversation between Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern in i beg your pardon they debated a potential Season 3. Witherspoon said, "We desire to carry out it, we"re just kind of waiting — we talked to Nicole, didn"t we? we Facetimed Nicole the other day." Dern added, "She just texted the we"ve gotta do another one ideal away!"

Witherspoon concluded, "We"re trying, guys, we"re trying to come up v the right story." i beg your pardon brings us to our next question regarding a potential Season 3 ...

At the finish of Season 1, the 5 women connected in the death of abusive husband Perry phone call the police that he fell accidentally, covering for Bonnie, who propelled him down a flight of stairs to defend Celeste from his abusive attacks. Season 2 consist of the consequences of what the females went through that night, from how keeping the secret affects their resides to exactly how Perry"s mother, mary Louise (Meryl Streep), is suspicious of the details of her son"s death. The season ends with Bonnie telling the other four women the she is going to confess, and also we watch all 5 of them get in the police station together.

If the show continues into Season 3, it"s likely that the next collection of illustration will focus on the consequences of Bonnie"s confession. We might even check out a potential trial play out; it would most likely be a complex one because Perry"s abusive actions is currently on record: A video clip depicting that abusing Celeste was used in court to gain Celeste custody of she children. There"s likewise the concern of exactly how Bonnie"s confession will affect the remainder of the group due to the fact that they all lied come cover because that her.

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In one October 2020 interview, Kidman evidenced to Marie Claire that creator David E. Kelley and the book"s writer Liane Moriarty have "a really an excellent idea for ." us can"t wait to see how that idea plays the end on screen.