After two seasons, the fan furore about Big tiny Lies shows small sign that waning, with repetitive calls because that a 3rd go-round the the HBO minimal series. One woman with the inside track on whether the will occur is Nicole Kidman, that not only gave an intricately-layered performance as her personality Celeste Wright, however whose company, flower Films, co-produced the show. Now, together Kidman gears approximately reunite v her friend and also Big small Lies novelist Liane Moriarty for their brand-new adaptation Nine Perfect Strangers, the actress muses top top Big tiny Lies’ impact, just how that well known slapping Meryl Streep scene came together, and also why a third season isn’t off the table.

You are watching: Big little lies season 3 finale Your agency Blossom films co-produced Big little Lies. perform you mental the specific moment girlfriend knew you really want to press for a 2nd season?

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NICOLE KIDMAN: There was a panic kind of push, due to the fact that initially, we were, all of us, like, “Absolutely not”. Yet when Liane to reduce these principles into our lap, and also then once the audiences to be so… Apparently, the show has rated, in regards to viewing, crazy numbers. So, 12, 13, 14 million, i m sorry is really an massive amount for a show like this. So, it was thrust by Liane having actually some really strong ideas, David (E. Kelley) thinking he could write these women, and continue their narrative, and also then all of us as women going, “Oh mine gosh, the audience’s desire to store these human being alive is for this reason strong.” Celeste is so crucial to so numerous people, and this nuanced portrayal of residential abuse feel an extremely fresh and also insightful. Did friend hear a lot native women that felt the character had actually directly influenced their lives?

KIDMAN: So countless different story always, still, letters and also direct contact, and also long, four, or five-page letters occasionally from people. I typical it’s only one story, however I think, as I always said, there’s an insidious top quality to abuse, and also a most it is going, “Is that in reality real? Is the happening to me? to be I actually in that location myself?” and women realizing. And then denial. Ns mean, the 2nd season is really much about having left, and also it’s over, and also the push- pull of that.


If there is a third one, every one of it will come indigenous the writers, and also that’s amazing. Liane is deep talented. David is deeply talented, and also the mix of them is extraordinary. So, where they would certainly take it, I have no idea. You need to bow down to the writers, because that really is where it starts. Uneven you’re a director/writer, and then you create it. Yet this show, we’ll view what Liane can muster, and also if she has an attention in it. She’s created Nine Perfect Strangers, i beg your pardon is something that we’re going to make. You’re making the in the spring, right? will certainly it offer the fans something to chew on, or execute you feel prefer it has a different flavor come Big small Lies?

KIDMAN: Yes, i feel like it’s obtained her essence, and it’s got that incredible, topical reality that she’s able to put right into an entertaining package. Yet there’s depth come it that ns think is surprising. And also it’s so different to me, the character. Which was what to be appealing. Ns mean, Celeste, she’s in mine body, and also in my psyche, and also in my heart. So, to have been blessed come play she for 14 hours… any type of actor will certainly tell you, when you love play a character since of how facility and rich and deep the is, it’s just like it’s a gift, and it’s like, say thanks to you.

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