huge Little Lies Season 3 Will occur Eventually, says Shailene Woodley Shailene Woodley listed the possibility of a 3rd season for large Little Lies. The actors is eager to acquire the round rolling again for the HBO series.

Big tiny Lies Season 3
Actress Shailene Woodley hinted at the possibility of a 3rd season for the renowned HBO series Big tiny Lies. Woodley, that played the youngest that the show"s Monterey 5, has kept busy because the 2nd season"s release in 2019. In addition to filming for Netflix"s period romance The critical Letter From her Lover, due to stream this summer, audiences can see Woodley in the upcoming thriller Misanthrope and the STX legit drama The Mauritanian. 

Big small Lies premiered in 2017 and starred Woodley, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Zoë Kravitz, and Laura Dern as the 5 main ladies of the show, the Monterey 5. The collection also boasted an outstanding list of supporting actors, including Adam Scott, Alexander Skarsgård and also Meryl Streep. Based upon the 2014 novel that the same name, the first and 2nd season follow the lives of the 5 women who live in the beautiful coastal town that Monterey, California. Witherspoon and Kidman served as 2 of numerous producers ~ above the show, with Witherspoon"s media agency Hello Sunshine as among the manufacturing companies behind it.

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In a recent interview v THR, Woodley opened up up about a variety of personal topics, among which contained her itch to acquire the sphere rolling on a third season because that the commemorated HBO series. While Kidman hinted in ~ a season 3 because that Lies in a 2020 interview with Marie Claire, not much has been disclosed from other actors members until now. Woodley didn"t say anything official was ~ above the books, yet she did note that it"s a issue of obtaining everyone"s schedules in sync. When the COVID-19 pandemic placed an inescapable halt on sector production, fellow actors members seem eager to get the collection in movement again.

“We every constantly say, ‘When space we doing season three? just how do we make the happen?’ I’d choose to say, hit on wood, the it is happening."

Woodley"s natural method to acting is a technique she describes as one she provided for Jane"s personality in the show. Together a greatly talented underdog in a sea of big name actors, Woodley"s subdued character directly to represent the quality of her persona in genuine life. Despite regulating to continue to be busy through a laundry list of an imaginative projects, the actress has enjoyed quality time for herself and also fiancé Aaron Rodgers.

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HBO has managed to give fans a taste that suspenseful material with gibbs from the show, v shows favor The Undoing, certification Kidman. With eight Emmys under that belt and an typical of 10 million viewers every episode, the demand for a continuation of Big little Lies is inevitable. The inherent tension the builds native the an extremely beginning of the collection hit an every time high when Streep"s character got thrown into the mix. In irradiate of how the 2nd season ended, audiences will certainly be anxious come see exactly how fate plays the end for the personalities after Kravitz"s Bonnie decides to make her shocking confession.