Private Training

Private maintain (Puppies 8 weeks to 6 months) big Leap the Faith’s private training is readily available for puppies in the convenience that your house or area of her choosing. Exclusive training for puppies covershouse training, go on a leash and also coming when called. Typical problems such together chewing, jumping, digging, and barking can also be … Read much more Private Training

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Group Training

Yips come Licks! Puppy Socialization Socialization helps your puppy end up being acclimated to all types of sights, sounds, and also smells in a positive manner.These classes no only assist your puppy beginto understand an easy commands but likewise exposes them to other dogs and people. This class blends socialization and also preliminary obedience come prepare your puppy because that the … Read an ext Group Training

Meet the Trainers

My surname is Amber Eisfeld and also I am the owner and also manager of huge Leap of faith Dog training & Services. I began my dog training trip 12 year ag0. Ns love all aspects of training but teaching puppies and their owners is among my favorites since puppies are prefer sponges and their owners … Read an ext Meet the Trainers



Big Leap of belief offers services to fulfill the demands of you and your dog! team training: For every ages and also sizes carried out in an setting with various other dogs Click below for much more details private puppy & obedience training: 1:1 training in the lull of her own house or place of your choosing Click right here … Read more Services

Say Hi!

Have a dog associated question? need some advice to occupational on specific exercises or behaviors? Submit her question and also I will answer your concern as fast as possible!

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Why training your dog is important!

Big Leap of faith believes a well-trained dog has a life complete of happiness and that happiness depends ~ above you! maintain is an important part of any kind of dog’s life. I always tell mine students lock purchased the dog and also it is approximately them come invest the moment to for sure they have actually a well-trained pet.

Dogs require both mental and also physical stimulation and also training offers the mental component of that equation. There are many benefits come training but most likely the most systematic is the possibility to bond and also connect with your dog. Having a dog that is fine trained, obedient, happy, relaxed, responsive and easy because that you come manage way you will get much more pleasure native dog ownership and are likely to be closer to her dog.

My Approach

My technique to dog training is simple: use the technique that best suits the dog and owner. Every dog is various so the type of training and their expectations should likewise be different. Positive and balanced dog training creates enthusiastic, happy dogs. Training through rewards permits me to have actually a “complete toolbox” and also the capability to train the widest range of clients and their dogs. Every classes are taught utilizing rewards, praise, and lots of fun!

Big Leap of belief offers exclusive lessons, group classes, plank & train, and behavior intervention.