"90 Day: The single Life" stars huge Ed and also Liz Woods are engaged following a rocky romance.TLC; Instagram

Looks choose Ed “Big Ed” Brown is tie the node after all!

The “90 work Fiancé” star is involved to Elizabeth “Liz” Woods, human being confirmed top top Wednesday.

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“About a month before we got earlier together, ns realized that ns really no appreciate who she was and I don’t desire to love everyone else,” said Brown, that stars top top “90 Day: The single Life” v his new fiancée. “And never in a million year did ns think that i would ever be together with Liz — it’s simply surreal.”

He added, “I couldn’t it is in happier. I understand in my heart that she’s my forever, and also that’s all I must know. Ns don’t want to be with anybody else, i don’t desire to think about anybody else.”

The couple teased the fans will acquire to view how specifically they reconnected throughout Season 2 the “90 Day: The single Life.”

“You’re walking to need to tune in to check out what happened, yet it turned out to be a beautiful moment,” Brown claimed of the proposal.

Rumors circulated in September that Brown popped the concern to Woods ~ a rocky romance.Instagram

The pair first sparked engagement rumors back in September, when they to be spotted out with each other at a club in Santa Barbara, Calif.

TMZ reported at the time that Brown, 56, presented patrons to Woods, 29, together his “beautiful fiancée.” She was also rocking a diamond ring top top that finger, in photos acquired by the outlet.

Woods showed off what appeared to it is in an engagement ring in ~ a club v Ed.TMZ

Prior to date Woods, Brown appeared on Season 4 that TLC’s “90 work Fiancé: before the 90 Days” in beforehand 2020 and was engaged to fellow star Rosemarie “Rose” Vega.

However, Brown’s controversial therapy of Vega – including keeping his vasectomy a an enig and asking her to obtain an STD test – brought about their split and also a subsequent apology indigenous the polarizing fact TV personality.

After Brown met Woods in ~ a restaurant, the two signed on to star in this spring’s inaugural season the Discovery+’s “Single Life” spin-off.

Fans will check out the pair repair their relationship on Season 2.Instagram

Similar come his partnership v Vega, Brown’s unsteady relationship with Woods elevated eyebrows for its volatile nature, particularly after the explosive “Tell-All” distinct aired. It seems they have due to the fact that patched points up.

Brown and also Woods have actually not posted around each other on society media and have yet to publicly acknowledge the engagement report.

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“90 Day: The single Life” Season 2 premieres Friday, Nov. 12 on Discovery+.