Two that 90 work Fiancé"s most controversial cast members are joining 90 Day: The single Life season 2. ~ above Tuesday, TLC announced that huge Ed and Natalie are joining the upcoming season that the struggle 90 day Fiancé spinoff, which focuses on cast members jumping earlier into the dating scene to find love again.

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Ed an initial rose come fame ~ above season 4 of90 day Fiancé: before the 90 Days, once he traveled to the Philippinesto accomplish Rose, after ~ they connected online. She ended upbreaking up through him, and Ed later on starred in the first season of90 Day: The single Life, in whichhe gone after Liz. However the relationship was rocky. During the90 Day: The solitary Lifetell-all in May, Ed and Liz claimed they damaged up. Liz emotionally said Ed rushed your relationship, and that hewent to las Vegas and also hung out with other womenjust two days after their breakup.Ed didn"t refuse his actions, and also despite his fellow90 work Fiancécast members urging Liz to relocate on, she express thatshe wanted to get ago togetherwith him.

"I"ve let go Ed a lot of this critical month," Liz recognized at the tell-all. "As much as the future, we were talking around it earlier, ns still love him. Ns still desire to be with him, yet he"s pushed me far so many times that i told him if us were giving it a fair chance, it needs to be a same chance, and I would want to go to therapy together and also cut out our drinking."

And it looks like the two have actually made up. Critical month, TMZ reported the Liz and also Ed are engaged and weren"t shy about telling various other club-goers at a Santa Barbara, California, nightclub.


Meanwhile, Natalie had a nasty breakup from her husband, Mike, after cameras followed her moving to rural Washington from Ukraine. Throughout the tell-all that aired in august -- and also after a season filled v explosive fights between Mike and also Natalie -- other 90 job Fiancé star Jovi outed Natalie and also said she confirmed up come visit him and his wife, Yara, in brand-new Orleans with one more man. Mike was shocked and also said he to be filing for divorce indigenous Natalie. He also said he to be cutting turn off her access to his financial institution card.

"If girlfriend think you have the right to find far better woman than me and be happy, i will only pray for you, honestly," she replied.

But Natalie to be much much more emotional about the instance backstage, and worried about whether or no she might stay in America.

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"I recognize myself, I"m a an excellent person, however I"m worn down to fight," she said cameras, wiping away tears. "So, i don"t care, i don"t give a sh**. He has actually to document for divorce, and I will certainly say "OK," and we just part. Over there is no method for me to remain if he records for divorce. F**king crazy, i don"t understand what come say anymore."

Joining Ed and also Natalie ~ above the upcoming season of 90 Day: The solitary Life are Stephanie, Syngin -- who recently break-up from his wife, Tania -- and Colt"s mom, Debbie. Season 2 that 90 Day: The single Life starts streaming Friday, Nov.12 top top Discovery+ through a special, two-hour premiere.


'90 job Fiancé' Tell-All: Mike says He's Filing because that Divorce ~ Natalie gets Exposed!

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