DePaul stood high a year ago. That will be the tourney champs in 2019? Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY sporting activities
The large East women’s basketball consistent season wrapped up on Sunday, and with the conclusion of those games, the 2019 conference competition bracket is official set!

Here’s what the looks like!

BigEast.com Let’s focus on the important worries for Marquette, the outright continuous season champions and #1 seed. St. John’s and also Seton hall will face off ~ above Saturday, in march 9th, through the winner advancing to the quarterfinals ~ above Sunday to play Marquette. The winner that the quarterfinal round will gain either Villanova or Georgetown in the semifinals.

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Marquette has progressed to each of the last 2 championship games. They won the competition in 2017 after not winning the consistent season title, and also then lost in the title game in 2018 after ~ securing a share of the continual season title. Both times it was DePaul was standing in the method on the various other side the the title game, and also this year sets up to end up over there again. The Blue Demons room the #2 seed, and thus you’d mean them to reach the title game, particularly with the competition being played at Wintrust Arena in Chicago.

There space questions about whether or not Marquette deserve to reach the location game. Erika Davenport is done for the season ~ a knee injury during MU’s final home weekend the games. Daniel King experienced some sort of injury throughout the final weekend of the regular season and also missed the final game that the season. She appears to be greatly healthy, though, however with Marquette having actually to pat three gamings in three days in stimulate to success a tournament title, it’s totally up in the air as to how lot that King would certainly be available.

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Here’s the official rundown ~ above the times and schedules because that the tournament. Every times Central.

First round – in march 9

Game 1: #9 St. John’s vs. #8 Seton Hall, 2 p.m. (BEDN)Game 2: #10 Xavier vs. #7 Providence, 4:30 p.m. (BEDN)

Quarterfinals – march 10

Game 3: #1 Marquette vs video game 1 winner, Noon (FS2)Game 4: #5 Villanova vs. #4 Georgetown, 2:30 p.m. (FS2)Game 5: #2 DePaul vs. Game 2 winner, 6 p.m. (FS2)Game 6: #6 Creighton vs. #3 Butler, 8:30 p.m. (FS2)

Semifinals – march 11

Game 7: game 3 winner vs. Game 4 winner, 3 p.m. (FS1)Game 8: Game 5 winner vs. Video game 6 winner, 5:30 p.m. (FS1)