in ~ the conclusion of play on Saturday night, which as it happens to be after Marquette covering up your 66-59 win over Xavier, the big East placed the main 2021 men’s basketball conference tournament bracket out via Twitter. Together I type this top top Sunday morning, over there is still not an official press relax up top top, for this reason if I miss out on something, it is why.

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* We’re right here for Marquette reasons, of course, and so we have to suggest out the the gold Eagles are seeded 9th out the 11 teams in this year’s occasion after complete the constant season v an 8-11 document in conference play. That earns MU a first round game versus #8 seeded Georgetown, which will certainly be the first game of the competition on Wednesday, in march 10th. Tipoff is set for 2pm main time, with the transfer coming on FS1. The golden Eagles and also the Hoyas met simply once this season, together the return bout in Milwaukee to be postponed and also never rescheduled. Ago on January 2nd, MU entered McDonough Arena, fell behind by 16 in ~ the half and 18 shortly into the second 20 minutes, then ripped off a 17-2 run to take it the lead v two minutes left and walk away v a 64-60 victory. Jamal Cain hit the big shot in the one, draining a three with 15 seconds to go.

The Marquette/Georgetown winner will advancement to Thursday’s quarterfinal game versus #1 seeded Villanova. Typically that would sound choose sticking her head right into a tiger’s mouth after girlfriend tied a life steak to your face, and even just a week ago, that still would have actually sounded favor that. However, v Collin Gillespie enduring a season finishing MCL tear and Justin Moore experiencing an fishing eye injury of unknown severity on Saturday, Villanova ain’t exactly capital-V Villanova best now. The winner of the quarterfinal game advancements to a Friday night semifinal game against either #4 St. John’s or #5 Seton Hall, and also after ns glance at Marquette’s schedule this year and also see the the golden Eagles go 1-1 in two close games versus the Johnnies, I have to go dunk mine head in a bucket that cold water because that picturing a an extremely stupid however not impossible pathway come a an initial ever big East tournament title video game appearance because that the gold Eagles.

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The first nine games of the tournament will all be transfer on FS1, through Saturday evening’s championship game acquiring the bang up to large broadcast Fox.

Here’s the full schedule because that the tournament, v all times central as God intended.

FIRST round — WEDNESDAY, march 10 (FS1)

2pm: #8 Georgetown vs #9 Marquette5pm: #7 Xavier vs #10 servant 8pm: #6 Providence vs #11 DePaul


11am: #1 Villanova vs GU/MU winner2pm: #4 St. John’s vs #5 Seton Hall5pm: #2 Creighton vs XU/BU winner8pm: #3 Connecticut vs PC/DPU winner

SEMIFINALS — FRIDAY, in march 12 (FS1)

5pm: QF 1 winner vs QF 2 winner8pm: QF 3 winner vs QF 4 winner

CHAMPIONSHIP — SATURDAY, in march 13 (Fox)

5:30pm: Semifinal 1 winner vs Semifinal 2 winner